Feeling adventurous? Let’s embark upon a personal growth adventure like no other. Ever wondered what it’s like to pack up your life and start anew in a foreign country? Our fascinating guest, Amrit Singh, a life coach who now calls Mexico home, shares his incredible journey of personal growth, self-discovery and new beginnings. Born and raised in Germany, Amrit takes us through his childhood filled with a special connection to animals and a unique spiritual awakening. Listen in as he shares the surprising ways in which animals and children respond to his energy, a convincing testament to the authenticity of his spiritual journey.

Brace yourself for an exciting ride as Amrit reveals his tumultuous teenage years including a transformative experience with drugs. His candid and open discussion about the responsible use of drugs offers a fresh perspective that defies common stereotypes. Learn about how his first encounter with weed was a breakthrough in his life, influencing his meditation and breathwork practices today. It’s a riveting discussion that will challenge your beliefs and possibly open new vistas of understanding.

Fasten your seat belts as we travel all the way to Mexico, where Amrit narrates his transition from the familiar to the foreign. Hear about his foray into the world of TikTok, his experiences with content creation and the courage it took to step out of his comfort zone. He ends our chat with a sneak peek into his future plans and projects. An intriguing discussion with a man who has managed to turn his passion into his job, this episode is a treasure trove of insights and inspiration. Tune in for a conversation that promises to leave you enlightened and entertained.

Amrit’s Personal Growth Journey

(0:00:02) – Childhood Memories and Life Journey

Amrit Singh shares his childhood in Germany, passion for animals and children, spiritual growth, and the differences between adult and animal/child responses.

(0:14:28) – Teenage Struggles and Self-Discovery

Amrit Singh shares his journey of meditation, breath work, teenage years in Germany, bullying, different girlfriends, fights, father’s later years, drinking, and smoking weed.

(0:26:06) – Experiences With Drugs and Personal Growth

Amrit shares his experience with drugs, the power of psychedelics, and the importance of mindful use.

(0:35:15) – Exploring Weed’s Impact on Personal Growth

Amrit Singh reflects on his teenage years in Germany, his relationship with drugs, and the importance of moderation.

(0:45:14) – Sharing Experience and Scheduling Part Two

Amrit and I discussed leaving his comfort zone, adapting to a new culture, creating content on TikTok, and future collaborations.

To learn more about Amrit Singh, please visit: https://coachingnow.info/

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