ToddCast Podcast Guests

Exploring the human condition through conversation with strangers globally.

Our Guests Are The Conversation

The uniqueness of each guest is only surpassed by the value of the knowledge they share. Guests on the podcast have included everyone from the average person to undeniably well-educated and prominent people doing amazing and impactful work to improve humanity.

person holding black and brown globe ball while standing on grass land golden hour photographyGuests on the show reveal themselves in a candid and spontaneous manner, thus exploring their own life in real-time. The fun part is that nothing is scripted and it’s all about the flow between two strangers talking about life. And no politics! Each podcast episode features a different person somewhere in the world. So far, The ToddCast Show has interviewed people in the USA, France, Romania, and Australia, and seeks to cover the entire planet – eventually…

Some guests simply want to share their life stories, while others have a life story and purpose they may also share with listeners. The goal of each guest interview is to explore and reveal who the person is and learn from their life experiences, failures, successes, and accomplishments.

To put it simply, Todd Murat explores the human condition through casual, healthy conversations with complete strangers (guests).

Choose how you listen to the show: Here, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, I Heart Radio Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and anywhere podcasts are found. As our Podcast Family continues to grow globally, the map below can be accessed to explore calls based on geographic location.

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