The Power of Passion in Dick Wybrow’s Artistic Life

Embark on a temporal trek with the ever-entertaining Dick Wybrow, who beams in from Auckland, New Zealand’s future timezone to grace the Toddcast Show with tales of life’s unexpected hilarity and the pursuit of genuine artistry. Discover the power of passion in Wybrow, with his backstory more colorful than a patchwork quilt, offers laughter as we dissect the peculiarities of his name and the harsh realities behind lottery-funded education. As our conversation wends through the landscape of today’s society, Dick and I ponder the scarcity of sincerity, sharing stories that underscore the necessity of staying true to oneself amidst a maze of facades.

This episode is a creativity cornucopia, with Wybrow detailing his rollercoaster ride from a reluctant author to an Amazon chart-topper, all while battling the soporific grip of narcolepsy. Our chat takes a sharp turn into the stand-up comedy scene, where immediacy and audience reactions forge a fiery trial for any storyteller. Yet, it’s the indelible bond between radio host and listener, akin to that of a writer and reader, that truly captivates. Dick recounts his radio days with nostalgia, painting a vivid picture of personal triumphs and setbacks that resonate with anyone who’s ever dared to chase their dreams.

As we wind down, the episode is peppered with musings on the random hand of luck, the power of mentorship, and the delectable joys of shared human experiences, from spine-tingling spider encounters to the comfort of a Taco Bell feast. Wybrow reflects on how personal relationships can transform creative endeavors, and gives us a sneak peek at his upcoming book where a wolf-man protagonist offers a refreshingly naïve take on human quirks. The camaraderie between Dick and me is palpable, leaving listeners with a promise of more enriching conversations to come. Join us for an episode that’s as much a celebration of life’s rich tapestry as it is a nod to the creative spirit that dwells within us all.

The Power of Passion in Dick Wybrow’s Artistic Life

(0:00:01) – Interview With Dick Wybrow (9 Minutes)

This chapter kicks off with a lively exchange as I welcome my guest, Dick Wybrow, joining us from the future, given the time zone difference in Auckland, New Zealand. We playfully tackle the idea of time travel through our international connection and touch upon Dick’s unique backstory, including his name’s origin and family history. He shares a humorous anecdote about being named Richard as a compromise between his parents and how he came to be known as Dick, a name with multiple connotations. We also discuss the reality behind lottery funding for education, exposing the disappointing truth that lottery earnings often don’t lead to additional funding but simply replace existing funds. The conversation turns to a broader reflection on authenticity, honesty, and integrity in life and governance, lamenting the prevalence of insincerity and deception in various aspects of society.

(0:08:50) – Bestselling Book Becomes Professional Audiobook (9 Minutes)

This chapter kicks off with an exciting update about Kane’s recent literary success, celebrating the series’ performance on Amazon’s bestseller lists and the upcoming release of a professional audiobook by Podium, complete with Hollywood-trained narrators. We explore Kane’s journey from writing in a garage in New Zealand to hearing his story brought to life through a “blockbuster movie of the mind.” Later, I encourage Kane to share more about his work, highlighting that pitching is a welcomed part of the show. We then shift to a personal anecdote from Kane’s childhood, reflecting on his early memories as a Canadian transplant in New Jersey and a humorous yet potentially traumatic encounter with chiggers in a ditch, which may have been a formative moment. The chapter wraps up with a brief mention of Kane’s family dynamics, particularly his younger sister’s contrasting bold personality.

(0:18:08) – Social Media’s Impact on Technology (11 Minutes)

This chapter reflects on the influence of upbringing and the significance of maintaining a good reputation. We explore the internal motivation to behave well, not necessarily out of a desire to do good, but out of fear of being perceived negatively by others. We consider the impact of friendship circles during youth and how good company can alleviate parental concerns. Additionally, we discuss the challenges faced by today’s youth with the omnipresence of social media and the internet, noting the stark contrast to our pre-digital childhood experiences. We touch on the nostalgia for a time when anticipation and effort were required to enjoy music or television, creating a sense of community now diminished by the immediacy of streaming and digital access.

(0:28:49) – Author’s Journey With Narcolepsy (11 Minutes)

This chapter explores the journey of an author who initially focused on writing to market trends but found success and enjoyment in embracing his unique style. We discuss how a Hollywood option by a reputable company affirmed his market-focused path but writing a zombie-themed parody, inspired by his wife’s encouragement, led to an unexpected hit on Amazon. I share how personal passion and a touch of the absurd can lead to success in writing, and we touch on the personal challenges and unexpected benefits of living with narcolepsy, offering insights and advice for others who might be dealing with similar conditions.

(0:39:55) – From Writing to Stand-Up (5 Minutes)

This chapter we explore the early writing endeavors that began at age 17, resulting in a first book humorously deemed publishable by “Fire” for its lack of quality. I share the transition from writing to stand-up comedy as a means of immediate “publication,” using storytelling to refine material on stage. We discuss the persistence in writing despite the industry’s challenges, emphasizing the intrinsic need to create, whether for storytelling, writing, or music. I reflect on the personal importance of writing and how it affects mood and mental health, advocating for the pursuit of creative passions for fulfillment rather than financial success. We then shift to my experiences in radio and television production, highlighting a preference for the former due to its creative parallels with writing and wrap up with an encouragement to reignite creative pursuits that may have been put aside.

(0:44:35) – Radio, Writing, and Overcoming Obstacles (8 Minutes)

This chapter explores the unique, intimate connection that forms between a radio host and their audience, similar to the bond between an author and a reader. I recount my personal journey through various radio stations, from waking up the town of El Dorado Springs, Missouri, with country tunes to rocking the airwaves in Atlanta, and how that experience intertwined with my passion for writing. Despite setbacks, like a failed script option and an unenthusiastic agent, I continued to write, guided by my wife’s encouragement to pursue what truly resonated with me. This led to a breakthrough in my writing career, emphasizing the importance of authenticity in creative work. Along the way, I highlight the value of direct, positive interactions with listeners and readers, particularly in today’s social media landscape, as a source of joy and fulfillment.

(0:52:36) – The Role of Luck in Success (6 Minutes)

This chapter we explore the role of luck in success, with anecdotes from rock radio experiences and conversations with icons like Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, who attributed his band’s success to timing and fortune. We discuss how creating opportunities can foster serendipity, sharing stories of unexpected connections leading to big breaks. We touch on the importance of self-belief and perseverance through doubt, emphasizing the strategy of presenting confidence, even when faced with imposter syndrome. We consider the idea of “fake it till you make it” and how projecting confidence can, in turn, bolster one’s self-assurance. I share plans to support an upcoming book release, demonstrating the practical application of these principles in the real world.

(0:58:18) – Supporting Others and Guilty Pleasures (8 Minutes)

This chapter reflects on the power of lifting others to achieve success, highlighting a cautionary tale of a debut author who lost their book deal by attempting to sabotage their peers. We explore the profound joy and personal growth that come from mentoring and supporting others, especially in creative industries like television production. I share personal experiences of helping those who feel like imposters realize their potential, leading to their professional advancement. Additionally, we touch on lighter topics such as common fears, with a humorous recounting of a spider encounter, and the comfort found in familiar, if not always gourmet, foods like the simple pleasures of Taco Bell and authentic Cajun cuisine.

(1:05:53) – Inspiration, Support, and Love in Creativity (5 Minutes)

This chapter opens with an exploration of inspiration, where everyday life and experiences outside one’s comfort zone fuel creativity. We discuss how a trip to a car show with family led to vivid scenes in a book, illustrating how personal connections can inadvertently enrich one’s work. The conversation then shifts to the role of intimate relationships in the creative process, highlighting how a spouse’s perspective can be both influential and limiting. We touch upon the dynamics of a couple where one partner is the creator and the other chooses not to engage with the creations for a unique reason. Further, we delve into the transition from friendship to romance, underscoring the impact of fate and communication in forging a strong marital bond. The chapter wraps up with a reflection on the significance of support and honesty in both personal and professional aspects of life.

(1:11:14) – Meeting and Writing a Book (12 Minutes)

This chapter we explore the power of personal connection beyond the digital realm, recounting the experience of transitioning an online relationship into a real-world friendship, highlighting the importance of humor in building strong bonds. We touch upon a serendipitous encounter on the Gulf Coast, introducing Blind Mike, a blind stunt guy with a penchant for photography, who inadvertently captured the first image of the host’s future wife. We also delve into the upcoming book release, set for December 26, 2023, which is the third installment in a series about Kane, a wolf turned human who navigates life with a unique condition that changes him into different dog breeds under various phases of the moon. Through this narrative, we examine human behaviors from a fresh, almost childlike perspective, and the success of blending fantastical elements with relatable humor.

(1:23:02) – Ending the Todd Cast Show (1 Minutes)

This chapter wraps up a heartfelt and engaging conversation with our guest, Dick. We explore the enjoyment and appreciation we both felt during our time together, and I express my gratitude to Dick for adding so much value to the Toddcast show. I also extend an invitation for a potential part two, which Dick enthusiastically accepts, leaving us with the promise of another enriching exchange in the future. The warmth and camaraderie shared during this episode are evident, and we conclude with well-wishes for each other’s endeavors.

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