Join us for a fascinating conversation with our guest, Dave Jackson, as we explore our childhood memories, personal stories, and reflections on family. Listen as we relive the cultural vibrancy of Akron, Ohio, sharing anecdotes about our early years, from Dave Jackson’s love for ketchup on fries to my secret fondness for mayonnaise on fries and grilled cheese. We also talk about our upbringing, and how it’s shaped us as individuals, and how Dave’s mother’s life lessons had a profound impact on his life.

In this engaging chat, we delve into our journeys of learning from our experiences and the importance of having an open mindset. Dave shares his inspiring story of how his mother’s passing and his sister-in-law’s question about having fun led him to the path of podcasting. The conversation shifts to our professional experiences as we discuss our respective career progressions and technology training. We also examine the evolution of technology and the critical importance of having an open mindset and learning from our experiences.

As the conversation continues, we explore the intricacies of monetizing a podcast, discussing various strategies, from finding sponsors to creating a membership site. Dave sheds light on his School of Podcasting, highlighting the benefits it offers, including step-by-step courses, a supportive community, and unlimited one-on-one consultations. We wrap up by expressing our appreciation for Dave Jackson’s insight and discussing the possibility of him becoming the “Podcast Doctor.” Listen in to hear about the importance of truth in our industry and how Dave stands as a beacon of honesty.

(0:00:01) – Ohio Childhood Memories and Family Relationships

We discussed Akron’s culture, childhood memories, and life lessons.

(0:13:03) – Personal Stories

My upbringing changed when I started smoking marijuana, leading to medication that changed my brain functioning and enabled me to control my emotions and reactions, aiding my creative and marketing skills.

(0:25:43) – Reflections on Family and Appreciation

My mother taught me to focus on the light, my niece found a new opportunity, my father found ways to break up monotony, and I thanked my mother for being an awesome mom.

(0:36:40) – Opportunities, Attitudes, and Personal Experiences

We discuss open mindset, childhood experiences, web development, marketing and passion for success.

(0:40:11) – Career Progression and Technology Training

I developed a program to train people on copier use, honed my teaching skills, and explored the impact of digital cameras and Photoshop.

(0:46:46) – Monetizing a Podcast Services and Offering

Monetizing a podcast discussed, including sponsors, membership sites, clear why/who, resonating with audience, selling services, and Power of Podcasting.

(0:52:57) – Monetizing Podcasts

Strategies for monetizing a podcast, multiple streams of income, short ads, sponsorships, achievement vs. time discussed.

(1:02:29) – Praise for Podcast Doctor Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson joins us to discuss truth-telling, potential as “Podcast Doctor”, and our gratitude.

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