Reflecting upon quotes about life and death instills the fragility of life. People get so caught up in life’s little problems that they forget the most essential purpose of life itself. Throughout history, people have been drawn to act or motivated by a sense of purpose. One human’s sense of purpose can touch a single life or serve all humanity. Maybe both. People following their goals gave us great things like electricity, the telephone, automobiles, medicines, peanut butter, and much more.

Living with a sense of purpose seems natural to me, yet some don’t find purpose in life. In my view, they just haven’t discovered what their goal is. But what if they don’t believe life has meaning or purpose? I would invite those to consider how things were invented in the world and how everything has advanced based on different people’s ideas, motivations, and individual purposes.

Quotes about life and death to inspire hope, purpose, and contemplation.

“Good men must die, but death cannot kill their names.”

Unknown, Your Content Goes Here

“The parts of your life which you’re not happy or satisfied with are often the parts where you’re probably not being true to yourself.”

Billy Anderson, Author

“A fact of life we all die. But the positive impact you have on others will be a living legacy.”

Catherine Pulsifer, Author

“If you think it and it is kind, then say it; if you say it and it is kind, then live it; if you live it, it will live.”

John R. Seader, Author

“Your happiness and the quality of your life depend on you.”

Jean Renee Porter, Author

“Because life is fragile and death inevitable, we must make the most of each day.”

Thomas S. Monson, American Religious Leader

“You are in charge of yourself and your life, and nobody else has the right to take advantage of you or your hard work!”

Sarah Goldberg, Author

“You needn’t die happy when your time comes, but you must die satisfied, for you have lived your life from the beginning to the end.”

Stephen King, Author

“You should note that the ability to think positively plays a very central role in our state of well-being as well as our quality of life.”

Angel Greene, Author

“When it comes to teaching a child about all he needs to know in life, there is no better person than the child’s parent.”

Aidin Safavi, Author

“When it’s time to die, let us not discover that we have never lived.”

Henry David Thoreau, Naturalist, Philosopher

“Seek who you are and what you can do to better yourself and to better all that come into your life.”

M. Lee, Author

“Following Jesus is such a paradox. It requires death and promises life.”

Daniel Colston, Author

“The way out is to build the life you want, despite anxiety or depression’s best efforts to convince you otherwise.”

John Crawford, Author

“Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being.”

Kevin Kruse, Author

“You only have one life so you might as well live it to its absolute fullest capacity– right now.”

David Deslauriers, Author

For those who have struggled with depression, PTSD, and other traumas, it can be challenging to find hope in life. In those times when all seems lost and helpless, we actually have the power to choose hope or despair. Nobody ever said it was easy, but the trauma’s distraction and refocusing of feelings created can be the key to freedom. For something that sounds so simple, in practice, it can be a lot harder than one might think. When all hope is lost, for some, it’s rocket fuel for their sense of purpose. For others, hopelessness.

As I was researching for this article and reviewing keywords people search for, I was shocked that 74,000 people searched for the term “how to kill yourself.” This was followed by words such as painlessly, easily and fast. I hope that none went through with it, but seeing many people looking for an easy way out of life is quite disturbing.

“Living with purpose is better than dying with regret for all the things you didn’t do.”

The things we worry about and experience the most stress can sometimes seem impossible, but giving up is never the answer. Easier said than done, but true. When life seems like a dead end, it’s time to find a new road or path to a road. I believe we are given life to represent our spirit on this planet. We are cosmically connected by some mysterious thing that connects us all. Yet, we are lonelier than ever and divided in ways that defy traditional logic. How can this be if we are all experiencing similar things in life? Wouldn’t that be something in society worthy of working on? That all depends on who you ask.

In my humble view, society has become conditioned to believe that depression and anxiety are the norms. Through our society’s media and political elements, we have been led to think this way of life is unavoidable. But it isn’t. We must look past the messages being fed to us and seek deep within ourselves to discover how our purpose on Earth can have a positive impact. Then go do it. By doing something purposeful, not only does depression subside, but the world gets a particular part of you.

Whether it just be to make someone smile, offer a compliment, or invent the next rocket science gizmo – having a sense of purpose makes life more enjoyable. And best of all, it’s totally free. No cost at all to having a sense of purpose, but the rewards and payoffs can be huge. So the next time you think life is pointless and lacks purpose, I challenge you to find something worthy of your energy. Something that you feel led to do for whatever reason get out there and go for it. Make it happen, or at least give it a solid try. While there are no guarantees in having a sense of purpose, the intrinsic rewards can make even failure something to celebrate.