Life can throw us curveballs that we never asked for. I had the privilege of sitting down with Susan Gold, a brave woman who has a story that would make anyone stop and think. Having grown up in a family riddled with addiction and mental health issues in rural Montana, Susan encountered her fair share of challenges. We delved into her toxic family dynamics, the heartache brought on by her grandmother’s death, and her relationship with her father that was both unusual and pivotal.

Susan’s journey takes us through a maze of family dysfunction and greed, propelling us into her decision to seek justice and let go of the past. Her road to healing wasn’t easy, but with resilience and courage, she managed to create her own path. In her pursuit of justice, Susan was sexually harassed in the workplace. However, with the help of her client, Barbara Walters, she was able to address the situation. The experience led her to open her own talent brokerage firm, carving out a space for her to grow and thrive.

Yet, Susan’s story is not just about overcoming hardships. It’s also about healing and forgiveness. We explored the therapeutic process and the tools that Susan used to manage her emotions and regain control of her life. She also shared the role of self-care in her journey and how her experiences led her to write her book, “Toxic Family: Transforming Childhood Trauma Into Adult Freedom”. Her book provides valuable insight and exercises for others who find themselves in similar situations. Join us as we navigate through Susan’s journey, a testament to her strength and resilience.

(0:00:02) – Personal Stories and Life Experiences

Susan grew up in a family of addiction and mental health issues, an old soul, intuitive, telepathic, and an empath; her middle brother was her role model until he left.

(0:12:30) – Relationship With Father

My dad’s visit bonded us, providing a male role model and helping me cope with toxic family members.

(0:16:19) – Family’s Toxic Dynamics and Division

Susan’s family dynamics changed, her grandmother was a stable force, her brother’s visit caused distrust, and her girlfriend helped her grandmother realize her mother couldn’t be trusted.

(0:25:36) – Family Dysfunction and Greed

Susan’s family dynamics changed, creating toxic boundaries, allowing her to forgive and cherish memories.

(0:31:07) – Seeking Justice and Letting Go

Susan Gold’s journey of empowerment, Barbara Walters’ support, and the importance of processing negative experiences are discussed.

(0:47:20) – Overcoming Toxic Family Dynamics & Healing

Susan Gold’s journey of self-care, therapeutic process, and connecting with her client Barbara Walters are discussed.

(1:03:16) – Recommendation for Toxic Family Book

Susan Gold discussed transforming childhood trauma, therapeutic process, and tools for freedom.

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