In this episode, we are talking with Anne Metz from Taos, New Mexico about her life and how she got into the field of therapeutic psychedelics. Born in Virginia, Anne recently relocated to the West. She grew up with her older sister and remembers going to church in early childhood where she was told “People who drink alcohol are going to hell”. This upset her as she thought of her father who innocently had a beer after work. She recalls this as the first time she began thinking about spirituality and how things worked.

Anne used to regret the time passing during her school years, feeling melancholy about those changes. As she grew into life, she felt hesitant about herself due to social norms. She recalls how special an opportunity it was when she met new friends. She was a good student and took life seriously at a fairly early age.

Anne explains how through a carefully controlled and supervised process, the use of psychedelics in treating mental, emotional, and even spiritual challenges. By experiencing a proper dose of LSD, Psilocybin Mushrooms, MDMA, or Ketamine a patient can experience a sort of “shortcut” to get to the root of any issue and discover an intrinsic, actionable resolution and change. This experience for some has provided results equivalent to years in therapy and treatment – in an almost instantaneous manner. For example, those suffering from PTSD, Depression, or overwhelming Anxiety could, in theory, address, identify, and resolve the issues at the core of their struggle.

Sometimes it can be difficult for the human mind to rationalize certain changes and possibilities, but the system behind the brain can interpret and solve virtually on its own. The trick is to access this system and influence it for positive change. That’s where the use of psychedelics comes into play. Through a guided therapy session, one learns to better understand themselves, and when ready, a therapeutic dose of the chosen method is administered. Once the patient begins to experience the effects of the chosen method, the process is underway and the therapy continues until the effects of the medicine have subsided.

Through the use of medicinal psychedelics, a person can get to the root of a problem and eliminate it to enjoy a more healthy and meaningful life. Suffering is a normal part of the human experience, but suffering can be something we overcome. A person can discover new freedom and spiritual awakening with a supervised and carefully applied medicinal dosage.

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