Michelle Preston, a resident of Snohomish, Washington, talks with Todd about her life in the area and her perspective on Seattle. She shares her thoughts on strong communities and the changes she’s seen in the city over time. They also talk about her recent concert experience with the band Odesza and her childhood memories. They discuss the Seattle Freeze, which is the difficulty of socializing and dating in the city, and how it can take a long time to figure out who we really are.

They talk about the spiritual aspect of dating, the unhealthy aspect of social media and influencers, and the importance of being in touch with ourselves. Michelle shares her own experience with changing her mindset to attract healthier relationships. Todd asks her about the best way for men to approach women in public, and they discuss the importance of women approaching men as well. Lastly, Michelle talks about her “offline movement” which is designed to help single people meet each other through wristbands available on her website. She is also a male empowerment coach and helps men to achieve what they want in life through self-awareness and better decision making.

Michelle recalls as a child she wanted to be what her parents wanted her to be, and how she is not the same person today as she envisioned as a young person. Her parents have been married for 45 years and remain together. We talk about childhood memories and how she feels as a parent today in comparison to when she grew up and changes in society. She is grateful and thankful for her life.

Michele believes the issue is about people not knowing who they are and what they want in life. It can take a long time to discover who we really are inside and remove expectations learned along the way through others.

Todd talks about the spiritual aspect of dating and meeting people, in contrast with the typical matching criteria used in modern dating applications. We talk about the unhealthy aspect of social media and influencers. Michelle shares how we attract people based on what we are thinking and feeling and how we can change this for the better. She shares how her own needy nature attracted needy people and how she changed it to enjoy healthier, more balanced relationships.

Michelle shares how people are out of touch with themselves because of comparisons made with unrealistic and often not real images. Todd asks how men can best approach women in public in a comfortable and non-threatening manner. Michelle shares how some people are open to being approached while some are not. The best is a situation with a common interest that does not interrupt, for example in a grocery store.

Todd talks about the importance of women approaching men and asks Michelle why women don’t approach men more and if the did, what would happen? She shares that energetics is at play and the masculine (giving) and feminine (receiving) energies must be in congruence. Women want to feel special, protected, secure, safe, and adored.

The offline movement is Michelle’s creation designed to help single people meet each other in a simple, clever new way. This is in the form of wristbands that are currently available on her website. This is her solution to helping others meet without the traditional complications associated with it. The wristbands are designed for both those seeking romance, or just friendship.

Michelle is a male empowerment coach and she builds high value men who get what they want through self-awareness and to make better decisions to get what they want in life.

To learn more about Michelle Preston, please visit: https://thehighvaluemanproject.com

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