In today’s conversation, Educational Psychologist Alan Carroll discusses the connection between ego and the being. He shares insights on his own journey of self-discovery, including the influence of his parents and military background, and the role of yoga and spirituality in his life. Alan emphasizes the importance of reducing suffering and achieving happiness through mindfulness and meditation practices, which can help us become free from the trap of the ego and tap into our authentic selves. He also shares his thoughts on the power of the “pause” in our speech and how it can help us quell the ego and access the higher self. As an expert in trans-personal conversation, Alan trains speakers to harness the power of sound and silence to transform from amateur to professional speaker. Overall, the discussion highlights the importance of stillness and mindfulness in our lives as a means to tame the ego and access the being.

Married for 31 years, he credits his wonderful wife with providing harmony in his life. Alan recalls his first clarity of purpose in life during his teenage years. He studied yoga and spirituality which led to him asking if there is anything more he could be experiencing. He is a seeker of truth and advises we must reduce suffering to achieve happiness.

He shares that most of what we experience in our health comes from what we hold in our minds. The thoughts in our head can manifest in our physical bodies, emotions, and thoughts. We discuss differences in society and changes over the decades. His most memorable lesson from his parents are “don’t get caught”. Alan talks about his favorite spiritual place in the world: Sedona, Arizona and his upcoming trip to the area for his birthday. We talk about Jerome, Arizona. We discuss how drugs can lower the wall to accessing spiritual consciousness and how that differs from meditation.

As an Educational Psychologist, Alan works in the trans-personal conversation of physical (ego) and metaphysical (being). He trains speakers to create the sounds and empty spaces between the sounds to transform from an amateur to professional speaker. We discuss the water experiments and how forgiveness is likely the highest vibrating feeling we can have.

Alan teaches meditation and other techniques which enable personal and professional development. He differentiates between automatic speakers and those who shape and carefully convey their thoughts. The “pause” in our speech is a conscious technique to quell the ego and tap into the authentic self. He shares thoughts about “taming the tongue of the ego” and how meditation can benefit anyone.

Simply close your eyes and breathe to start the process of meditation and training your mind not to get agitated. Practicing mindfulness is crucial to happiness and is important to practice. It takes time. Find and repeat a mantra or affirmations at a slower pace with space between the thoughts you speak. This helps us become free from the trap of the ego and awaken into our own being. We need more stillness in our life and less agitation. This can be accomplished through practicing meditation and mindfulness.

Mindfulness means to be present without labeling. In this space we can experience amazing things.

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