We are joined today by Meliza Manalo in Sacramento, California. Born in San Francisco, she recounts her earliest childhood memory of living in a tiny apartment near the beautiful local beaches with her family. She recalls having moved more than 15 times over the years in the Bay area and how she ended up in Sacramento. Through her natural sense of observance, she shares her perception as a child of being an “old soul”.

Her parents were together until her father passed. Throughout her life, her parents instilled a sense of purpose in Meliza which inspired her as a young child. As a quiet child, she remembers adults liking her and how she enjoyed talking with adults in her family. She has two sisters and one brother with a large age gap. Her parents and siblings are initially from the Philippines and she has a large family there. We discuss differences in Asian culture, health longevity vs. USA, and her love for her Mother.

Currently, as an IT professional she shares her deep passion for her industry and work. She shares how her degrees in college had nothing to do with IT, but ended up landing an internship right out of college in IT that she fell in love with. She shares the importance of hard work in her life and believes that today’s young people should work harder to build character.

Host of The Talkative Introvert Podcast, Meliza which she created during the pandemic. She shares why she’s an introvert and how we can recognize this in early childhood. We discuss environmental influences and whether or not people are born introverts, extroverts, or ambiverts. Her mom is an extreme extrovert. Her father was an extrovert most of his life and became more introverted as an older person. She shares how great it is to be an introvert and what motivates her socially. Todd shares the impetus of his Podcast and jokes about the single life where he lives currently. Meliza recounts the moment she decided to do her Podcast.

Todd and Meliza agree that social media is poison to society, but recalls how early AOL, ICQ, and other chat systems were fun back in the day. Todd asks Meliza for motivational advice for introverted people. She shares how introverts and extroverts can work together to learn from one another and how temperament plays a role in life. Todd shares a story from working in New York during the early stages of COVID and the genuine love he experienced among the people there. Many cared more for their neighbors than themselves.

Finally, we discuss the importance of personal differences and not labeling someone different as evil. Meliza shares that we must focus to become open-minded and remember that we need indifferent people to challenge our thinking. She shares a humbling compliment about The ToddCast Show and the appreciation of authenticity in communication. Todd thanks Meliza for her kindness and for sharing with our audience. Through genuine conversation and not pushing an agenda, we can learn more from each other with honesty and authenticity.

To learn more about Meliza Manalo please visit: https://www.thetalkativeintrovertpodcast.com/

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