We are joined today by Terry Tucker (age 62) in Denver, Colorado. A former patrol officer, SWAT negotiator and undercover cop, Terry shares his story of danger as a law enforcement officer and his eventual struggle with cancer. Todd and Terry talk about drugs and the greed that drives abuse. Born in Southside of Chicago, he is the oldest of 3 brothers. He started out playing NCAA division one basketball as a person who stands 6 foot 8 inches tall. Professionally, he started out at Wendys corporate and ended up pivoting into law enforcement – despite his father not wanting him to pursue a career in law enforcement. He waited until his passing to pursue this new career. Todd shares his appreciation for law enforcement officers and believes they get a bad rap due to misconceptions in society.

Terry shares perspectives as a police officer, his desire to serve and various personal stories. He expresses how traumatizing shooting someone is and the impact it has on a police officer. He shares how this sort of experience impacts the life of the shooter forever. Terry recounts stories from his first calls as a law enforcement officer. Todd shares a couple of stories from his past experiences with marijuana in high school. Terry talks about his progression throughout the ranks of law enforcement and how that evolved into creating a school security consulting company to help protect schools from violent encounters. We talk about Uvalde and why it’s become so important for schools to have a plan and resources to protect the lives of it’s students and faculty.

Terry shares how drugs, alcohol and mental illness cause the need for law enforcement protection. He also shares from his perspective how the media changes the dynamics and facts in various situations. Todd shares a story about his experience with The Landmark Forum and how it taught him to live in true integrity, eliminate filters we see the world through, and how it changed his perspective forever.

His battle with cancer started about 10 years ago and talks about surviving amputation and dealing with the challenges of the disease. He talks about the details of his struggle and how Faith in something bigger than himself has helped him. Todd shares details about Royal Rife and The Rife Machine, as well as how he learned about homeopathy and the effectiveness of essential oils. We discuss how the body operates on a frequency response cycle. Todd shares details about The Water Experiment and how our thoughts impact our physical health and dynamics.

Terry shares how he wished for death and found strength and life through God. He discusses how he chose to live and face the challenges he had been dealt. He reminds to be careful what you think because it has a lasting impact on life. It’s important to make something positive out of negative thoughts. Todd talks about his battle with depression and the dark hole he fought to escape. Terry shares how he went from “glass half empty” to “glass half full” mentality. He states that changing the narrative with positive thoughts and outcomes helps to change your perspective. We must keep hope alive.

In his book “Sustainable Excellence – 10 principles to leading your uncommon and extraordinary life”, Terry discusses why it’s important to discover your unique gifts and purpose in life. His sense of purpose in helping others through his unique experiences led him to write the book. Terry defines success as “piece of mind that is the direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing that you did your best to become the best of what you are capable of becoming”. He reminds that people comparing themselves to others can interfere with the ability to understand and achieve success.

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