The Media Man, Vinnie Potestivo joins us today from Brooklyn, New York. Has 2 siblings and parents separated during the fifth grade. His family faced issues with addiction. He thought he would end up in theater as a child, but ended up creating his own path to success. We discuss early influences to his career path and changes to television over the years, UFOs, and some popular shows he worked on. Vinnie shares perspective on how television influences differentiated throughout history.

Powerful and terrifying…the two words Vinnie uses to describe his ascent to success. He works with celebrities and the general public to create impact through valuable programming. His worth with MTV spans across a plethora of well known shows and popular artists. His grandma introduced him to Frank Sinatra and older music, which influenced his eclectic tastes over the years. He has always enjoyed television more than music, it’s about dissecting and analyzing the content and participant decisions.

He became the first Talent Assistant for MTV and ended up managing and casting audiences for many popular shows over the years, including Ozzy Osborne, Punk’d, Mandy Moore, Beyonce, Runs House, and many others. He shares how transparency and focusing on the outcome works in the context of his work. We talk about how celebrities are off screen and camera – as real people.

Vinnie shares how his sexuality as a gay person played a role in his personal and professional development during the 90s. We discuss story telling vs. story writing. Todd shares Mister Ballen on YouTube (an excellent story teller) and believes gay people are the top of the line in terms of creativity and innovation. He discusses how he had to learn to find friends and compatible people for his path in life – being gay, and the challenges that came along with it. He further shares how he sought acceptance throughout his life. He shares how his parents splitting up forced him to learn how to relate to people in a deeper way.

Todd asks why people seem to have a sense of separation between gay and straight lifestyles. Vinnie reflects on biblical references to being gay and how vocabulary has changed over the years. He believes in God and discusses how society views these issues. Vinnie shares how he most enjoys being in the moment and present in his interactions with others.

Today, Vinnie is a media advisor / creative economist. He helps people stand out in media and find what makes them successful and plugging that into creative content planning and execution. He offers valuable resources (Creator Hub) on his website to help people find awards and opportunities that help people stand out. He shares why awards are important and how easy they are to earn. Also, that getting a listing on IMDB is a valuable tool in any online marketing strategy.

Vinnie shares why being a podcaster today is a solid investment of time and energy. Todd talks about how podcasting reminds him of old time radio and how that exposes human dynamics that people are hungry for. Finally, Vinnie shares that he enjoys working with all types of people and has something to offer most anyone who is seeking to expand their reach and success in pursuing their career path in media. Todd encourages others to start a podcast and explore the potential of their ideas.

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