Today we are joined by Debra E Blaine (61 years young) in Long Island, New York. Born and raised in Long Island, she moved to San Antonio and then Austin, Texas at age 16. She shares her story from early life and how she found her way to her path in life. As a Jewish person she shares her perspectives being misunderstood and judged by others. We discuss aspects of Jewish life and culture that led to developing her belief systems. She shares how she went from pursuing purpose to practicing medicine. Her faith is key in life, purpose and her connection to the earth.

Both her parents and brother have passed away, but Debra recalls how her family influenced her faith. She majored in Hebrew and shares it’s importance in her life. We discuss how people should be focused on things we share in common, rather than that which divides us. We talk about friendship and why some are meant to be long or short-term. In addition to medicine, Debra offers coaching to help people find the strength in identity to have healthier lives. We discuss the silent majority in culture over time.

Debra reminds that life is not just black and white. More people would benefit from being in the middle and addressing fears that prevent authentic expression. We discuss how people form opinions without even having the information to back up their perspectives. The sheep effect, if you will. Todd shares his Landmark Forum experience and talks about “things we know, things we don’t know, and things we don’t know we don’t know”. We talk about how extremism is created and invades society and that it’s the people’s responsibility to educate themselves. Debra shares that we should accept one another and learn from our differences.

Debra shares how her writing “truth in fiction” helps others learn from our differences. Todd shares how he feels differences make relationship more interesting and fulfilling. Debra reminds that life should be a win-win. Through people’s need for community and connection people have become extreme due to choosing “sides” and engaging in conflict, rather than agreement in addressing differences. We discuss helping those in need and how we should all be in agreement to save the planet. Debra shares how her characters explore challenging and engaging topics.

Todd shares how his podcast guests have taught him many valuable lessons that are all similar, yet unique. He shares how these lessons remind us to love ourselves and others, and to live in a spiritual way. Debra shares that we should also forgive ourselves in the process of loving. In order to love another, we must love ourselves first. Truth must be maintained in the context of perspective. We talk about how even though we are different, we are all human beings with feelings, lives, and purpose.

Debra shares information about her books and what readers can expect reading her material. Her writing style is “truth in fiction”, science fiction”, and “thriller”. Her stories and characters reflect reality and exploring real life topics through the characters. She explores eternal questions in her books in a compelling manner that teaches us how we can change to make a better world together. We wrap up discussing various topics and perspectives from her book series.

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