Daniel Blue joins us today, sharing his life and thoughts about living in Las Vegas. He faced an Oxycontin addiction at the early age of 18. Not until his daughter was born at age 19 did he get clean by changing his environment. He moved from St. George Utah to Las Vegas to get clean. Having both parents and siblings growing up, Daniel recalls family life and when his dad left (at age 12) to Mexico. This led to drug abuse and stagnation during high school and a short stint in college.

His family encouraged success in Daniel’s early life. He remains very close with his siblings. His desire to share his newly born daughter led to him forgiving his father and re-connecting to heal their relationship. Todd asks how to deal with the baggage of having estranged family members. Daniel shares how forgiveness gives us peace and releases the negative energy that we often hold onto. It took him 8 years to process this in his own experience.

One Thanksgiving he found himself withdrawing from oxy, his daughter was just 6 months old, and he finally saw the need to change his life. He took action within a week and never looked back. He discusses the challenges of drug addiction as a parent and how he found his way out. Todd and Daniel talk about places they used to live in Southern California. They both miss the ocean.

Through changing his environment and staying connected to successful, motivated people, he has found solid ground for his life to flourish. To meet these people, Daniel shares that he goes to networking events and other places where like minded people congregate. We talk about what makes young people want to use drugs and how to avoid it. Daniel shares that life is short and we must cherish it to the fullest. Finding himself in the face of adversity was largely influenced by his daughter. He wanted to be a great dad.

He started Quest Education to teach people how to access their money tax free, and leverage retirement account financing in innovative ways. His business teaches how to minimize tax liability and maximize their long term savings. Todd and Daniel talk about retirement, crypto and nfts. Helping others prepare for retirement and manage retirement assets is his life’s mission. He reminds us we all have an expiration date in life and to never be afraid to lose.

To learn more about Daniel Blue please visit: https://danielblue.me

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