Shanti Hershenson joins us from San Diego, California on today’s episode to share her inspiring perspectives as a 14 year old author of 18 books, 11 successfully published. In just 2 years she dedicated her time, imagination and energy to producing not only a pathway to her future, but a series of valuable written resources for everyone to enjoy. As the youngest person to be featured on The ToddCast Show, Shanti shares an inspiring sense of certainty and wisdom in her creative abilities that she recalls from a very early age. Raised by 2 parents, still together after 30+ years Shanti has a twin sister who also pursues a passion for artistic expression through jewelry making. From just the 6th grade, she sensed something was unique about her and that is when she knew her life would be different. That was when she began writing books in school, which would ultimately inspire and feed her passion for fiction and science fiction writing.

A true digital native, this Gen Z author seems decades ahead of herself and finds her inspiration in real life situations and relationships. The inspiration of her parents and supportive nature of her family have been instrumental in fueling her ongoing success. She doesn’t spend time playing video games, but instead focuses on creating inspiring and insightful stories in the fiction genre. She’s also an advocate for anti-bullying and as a victim of bullying herself, she wrote a book addressing this issue that became her most popular book – to her surprise. She knew that helping people was what she came here to do and remains productive in doing so by writing 1000-2000 words every day and maintaining a balance between work, health and play time.

We discuss various aspects of her writing and her focus to pursue her career in writing. As an author, she targets a young adult audience, but shares that her books are for every age group. Shanti shares how it works to become a self-published author and what others can do to pursue writing as well. She explains that each book each has their own special messages and through her creative imagination she cleverly weaves imagination and real life experience in a way that has to be read to truly appreciate. For others wanting to become writers, Shanti shares her belief that anyone can pursue writing, and nobody is too young or old to write or be published. She offers that clearing your mind and simply writing on a blank page is a great way to get started.

Shanti’s books reflect a part of herself hidden within the imaginary world of her stories. She plans to go on to college to further her education and pursuit of a career in writing. She is well on her way. For those interested in fiction writing and a unique perspective, Shanti’s books deliver in a special way. She wraps up by reminding us that age does not define talent, but that effort and work does. She even built her own website, which in itself is pretty awesome. To understand her story is to be inspired by a well-mannered young person who demonstrates what hard work can deliver. And she does it in record time. This is a great story of success and a glimpse into the world of a young person taking a different path in life – and doing so at a remarkably young age.

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