In today’s episode, Juni Bucher joins us from Portland, Oregon. A breast cancer survivor herself, she reflects on her life vision, changes and family. Born in San Jose, California 45 year young Juni shares what life is like as a new resident in Portland, Oregon in 2022. She explains why she chose to leave California finally and pursue life in Oregon and how the path magically opened to deliver her to her destiny. As a child she always saw herself singing and acting in her future, which manifested quite differently in the form of health and nutrition practitioner.

Through her diagnosis with breast cancer in 2019 and the soul searching, life changing lessons learned along her journey with cancer – she found blessings, hope, healing and a way to help others manage the many challenges of breast cancer. She shares how she evaluated her life, career, relationships and more to discover where changes were desired. Her experiences have led to her passion for helping women (and those close to them) with breast cancer awareness and strategies. She came to recognize the health, genetic, dietary, and hormonal aspects of breast cancer and how to work with them.

Juni warns that various products contain harmful chemicals and should be avoided. Choosing organic is helpful. Todd shares his perspective of how cheese has changed in fast food and at the grocery store. We discuss how companies profit before providing the solutions promised – which perpetuates the cycle of despair surrounding the issue. Todd asks what it’s really like to experience breast cancer and how people can be more empathic towards someone struggling with this disease. Juni explains that it feels like nothing until it becomes active and it’s important to notice changes in breast tissue. She further explains options like chemotherapy and the pitfalls and opportunities of various modern treatment options.

Juni helps us understand that this is an emotional ordeal for any woman dealing with it and requires finesse to be supportive. She reminds us that women tend to identify with themselves a certain way and when that gets disrupted or changed, it can and does cause deep rooted turmoil, self-image and self-esteem issues. She suggests offering to do helpful things rather than asking if you can help. Make things fun if you can, get out and show appreciation for the woman in your life struggling with breast cancer. Juni reminds that breast cancer is not necessarily a death sentence and desires to help women find the gift of a better life (as Juni did) in the experience of this often misunderstood disease.

Juni offers coaching and nutrition assistance counseling on a 1:1 basis anywhere in the world. She connects with her clients via internet and enjoys helping women learn to deal with cancer and help prevent it’s return.

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