Amanda Kate joins us today from Melbourne, Australia. She shares her perspectives and memory of her life in Australia vs. life in the US. Her parents celebrated their 50th year anniversary and her grandparents reached their 70th wedding anniversary together. She is estranged from her older sister, but believes there is hope to restore their relationship together. She has learned a lot from strained family relations and believes in healthy boundaries and honest communication. Through questioning life itself, Amanda found even more questions on her journey of self-discovery. Her earliest memory of her spiritual self was in childhood while attending church. She recalls a peaceful and quiet existence in early life. In her teen years she began to experience trauma in various ways. She was subject to bullying, not feeling respected and being expected to live up to other people’s expectations of her. This created turmoil for her and led to a lack of self-love and personal awareness.

Fast forward to a vacation in the UK that resulted in her meeting her husband and creating 2 amazing children. All totally unexpected. After 11 years instead of 2, she relocated back to Australia with her husband and children this time. It was hoped that the change would help address issues in their marriage, but after a time they found it to be insurmountable. Kate developed chronic fatigue syndrome and began experiencing difficult life struggles. She suffered an abusive marriage and felt she did not measure up inside. She felt that all the problems were her fault and suffered immense depression.

After seeking relief in many different health and spiritual modalities, Kate discovered kinesiology: the art of movement. Upon seeing a kinesiologist the very first time Kate recalls it changing her life completely. Suddenly she was on the path to re-discovering her healthy, vitality, wellness, and abundance and rebalancing her own energy system. Todd shares a story of his father removing a tumor with metaphysics and his gratefulness to God for his good health. We discuss the importance of being connected with others, despite our differences. Unresolved trauma is the cause of needing to be right. How we learn our identity carries with it unconscious baggage. We must address this and improve our self talk and love.

Kate suggests the following to restore healthy communication: realize we harm ourselves when angry at someone, nothing is simply black or white, we must practice respect towards others, social media enables unhealthy relations, cannot use childhood tools to solve adult problems. She contends that societal issues are institutionalized and fixable. We must process negative emotions in a healthy way. She currently is a kinesiologist and energy worker who helps people find their perfect selves through her various methods. Her latest book “Divine Messy Human” is a guide to overcoming outside influences to become who we are in spirit individually and perfectly. Amanda reminds us that stress directly impacts our health and we must replace any non-nurturing self talk with loving, supportive information.

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