D. Neil Elliott – Vancouver, British Columbia Episode 013

We are joined by D. Neil Elliott from Vancouver, British Columbia. Neil is a Husband, Father, Grandfather, Hydroelectric Engineer, Project Manager and Author who brings to light important reminders of our spiritual existence and the wisdom of science to discover and enable our full potential and destiny. The youngest of 6 siblings, he grew up in a tumultuous family environment with his mother and father. After losing his late father at age 5, his mother remarried when he was 13. He shares memories of living on a working ranch in the 1960s without electricity or any modern conveniences. He always felt closest to his mother with who he shared a special bond with. Neil was inspired at an early age to goto college and developed his career as a Hydroelectric Engineer and Project Manager. He’s a man of science and utilizes his knowledge of it to explore and tap into the potential of the human spirit.

Neil shares the story of his hidden depression between 2002-2015 and how he hid it successfully from everyone, even his spouse. After spending a couple of years studying everything he could to improve his life, nothing seemed to be working. He made the terrifying decision to end his life through suicide. And so he planned to provide for his family and over the course of just a few months he wrote his suicide letter in 2017. At the point of certain despair he had an epiphany which led him to explore specific spiritual and scientific knowledge with the promise of freedom from his depression. He shares how he found his way back from being ready to commit suicide to being a beacon of unconditional love in the world.

Through meditation, Neil explains how we can discover where we come from, where we are going, and what our purpose in life is. He believes that through suffering, we gain self-knowledge and we can choose to change our consciousness through reprogramming our sub-conscious mind. He elaborates on how the soul and mind control everything and that all things are merely energy – not matter. Through an inner cleansing and alignment we can discover and fulfill our purpose on earth…breaking the cycle of past life lessons. It is Neil’s desire and purpose to help bring the world back into alignment with the Great Creator, God, etc. to bring about an era of peace and love on earth. He explains how this works and the purpose of the ego in spiritual dynamics.

“To practice unconditional love on earth” and “come back into alignment” are guiding principles in his spiritual practices. Neil shares that the law of cause and effect are real and reminds that we are the be the love, not seek it outside ourselves. All of this and more are explored. To help others find and life in unconditional love, as well as discover the true purpose of life Neil has written a book entitled “A Higher Road” and features a 7 step process for your life to become truly whole and complete. He believes this book will provide the shortest, quickest path to the top of the mountain of people’s lives.

To find his book and learn more about D. Neil Elliott please visit https://www.dneilelliott.com/

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