David Green – Beit Shemesh, Israel Episode 012

In today’s episode David Green (musician, author, inventor) joins us and shares his story and insights deep into the human soul. Born in Canada, David found himself visiting Los Angeles from an early age and became immersed in the music industry at the young age of 16. His background in Jazz and R & B music led him to work with top producer Eugene Edgar Page Jr. and meet his Jazz idol at an Emmy Award after party. Upon meeting his idol, the apparent depression he displayed (at the top of his game) led David to discover he was on the wrong path for his purpose in life.

Through the years, David spent time in Jerusalem and eventually felt most at home there. After the passing of his parents, he and his brother and 2 sisters stay connected. He recalls the instant transformation being in Israel had on his early life and musical expression, as well as being the “amplifier of the soul” in his view. While on vacation in New York he was introduced by a friend to a woman who would become his wife of 36 years. David reflects on how he knew she was “the one”. 8 kids and 16 grandchildren later, David shares how the differences in their relationship provide balance and complimentary factors in their relationship. He discusses how struggling couples can re-discover each other to improve their relationship.

David discusses the importance of self-esteem in relationships and how to check our own. Furthermore, what can be done about it? He shares how the soul connects us to others and influences our interactions. We discuss the difference between self-love and narcissism in today’s world. We explore the divine soul and animal soul, inherent in every human. David shares the “mystical secrets of personality”, as well as entering into the realm of the infinite and reducing our distraction from the soul. Finally, we discuss David’s recent books “Book About You” and “Pictures of Your Soul”. We explore discovering one’s true personality and purpose in life, and a few random topics. His passion is to help others learn their true selves, improve self-esteem, and more accurately target and achieve important life goals with the power of the human soul.

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