In today’s episode, Joe Templin from Albany, New York shares viewpoints and belief surrounding social pressure and the reduction of criminality by calling out bad behavior when we see it. He discusses how we become the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with and the very real importance of upgrading the people we hang out with in our life. We talk about the importance of healthy, loving relationships throughout life. Joe reveals details from his recent “COVID divorce” ending a 20-year marriage and what it’s like to raise special needs children and learn from other special needs parents. We discuss Autism and Asperger’s syndrome and how checklists are used to help avoid “a full-on meltdown”.

Joe talks about what it was like to be legally dead at age 10 and come back to life. We explore personal development and the notion that everyone has the power to become more successful in a world of “crab mentality” thinking in others who cannot understand the sacrifice of pursuing success. Joe shares how small steps lead to big achievements in life. He and Todd discuss their own ADHD condition and how it is helpful in pursuing deep human relationships. We further explore how introverts and extroverts sometimes clash and why.

Finally, Joe and Todd talk about creating change in life through the lens of his book “Everyday Excellence – A Daily Guide For Life” and how “without action, we don’t change and without change, we aren’t fully learning and developing on a personal level. The episode wraps up with a general discussion about various topics and thoughts to improve our future. And above all, always seek to “make deposits in the cosmic bank account” through doing good to others…an everlasting lesson he learned from his mother.

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Todd Murat, Host of The ToddCast Show - Wednesday Mornings At Midnight PST and 3am EST

Todd Murat

ToddCast Show Founder and Host, Todd Murat created this podcast to showcase the discovery and interaction of complete strangers for the purpose of learning and realizing we have much more in common than that which separates us.