In this episode we are joined by Edward in Bucharest, Romania. Having been born and living in New York City, he never saw any reason to leave. Until one day when life changing circumstances and a leap of faith would change his life forever. Through moving to Kiev, then Bucharest he discovered his passions and purpose in the world. Edward shares his experience living, and leaving the Ukraine just before the bombing started and visiting friends who have relocated to Poland and other nearby Countries. We discuss COVID and the differences between living with it in New York, Kiev, and Romania – as well as Edward having contracted COVID 4 times. His life is filled with adventure, interesting people and opportunities without limits…but the path was not always so easy.

After overcoming crippling social anxiety, Edward has enjoyed the successes of creating viral videos, being featured on popular daytime TV shows, being the first person to create a pay to earn game, and creating the biggest cryptocurrency block chain in the world. Through daily meditation for more than 12 years, he shares insights on how he attained his successes, as well as challenges along the way. We discuss how to avoid distraction and work towards our goals. Finally, Edward created a revolutionary new thing called Commit Club and the 30 Day Challenge. The purpose of the program is to challenge people to set and attain goals in life – and earn or lose real money based on the results.

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Todd Murat, Host of The ToddCast Show - Wednesday Mornings At Midnight PST and 3am EST

Todd Murat

ToddCast Show Founder and Host, Todd Murat created this podcast to showcase the discovery and interaction of complete strangers for the purpose of learning and realizing we have much more in common than that which separates us.