On today’s episode, Todd talks with Aaron about his life, struggles and optimism for the future. Aaron has a story to share about having it all, losing it, and getting back up to overcome the challenges before him. Aaron discusses his life in the Baja Racing scene, his interest and talent as a photographer, and the circumstances that led to him being incarcerated for having a bunch of Fentanyl in his vehicle that wasn’t even his to begin with. During his time in jail, Aaron recounted the mistakes in his life and vows to walk tall in a new direction of success. His sharing is inspirational and revealing for anyone struggling with addiction, criminality, or other poor choices. His message to himself and others is “don’t be stupid” and “know right from wrong” and will strive to find his new path in life with these things in mind.

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About The Host

Todd Murat, Host of The ToddCast Show - Wednesday Mornings At Midnight PST and 3am EST

Todd Murat

ToddCast Show Founder and Host, Todd Murat created this podcast to showcase the discovery and interaction of complete strangers for the purpose of learning and realizing we have much more in common than that which separates us.