Immerse yourself in the remarkable journey of Jesse Gibbs, born to a young military mother in Spain, brought up under the shadow of narcissism and abuse. Follow as Jesse, armed with a stash of court documents, doctor’s notes, and FBI files, paints for us a complex portrait of life with a narcissistic mother. Join us for a deep dive into the psychology of narcissism and its effects on the human psyche, seen through the lens of Jesse’s experiences.

Take the ride with Jesse as she recounts her daring escape from an abusive home, and her subsequent struggle to overcome the challenges of growing up in a purity culture. Witness her growth, from shouldering adult responsibilities at the tender age of five to battling a violent stepfather. Jesse’s story is a testament to the indomitable spirit of resilience and survival, a beacon of hope that shines a light on the path to freedom and healing.

In the latter part of our conversation, Jesse opens up about her life in an inner-city commune in Chicago, the turbulent years in her first marriage, and her journey to find love anew. She talks about the healing power of therapy and the crucial role of safe spaces for those who have survived abusive families. Her relationship with her mother, even today, underscores the power of healing and self-growth. Don’t miss her inspiring episode, laden with lessons of courage, resilience, and the human capacity for love and growth.

(0:00:02) – Surviving Childhood With a Narcissistic Mother

Jesse Gibbs’ journey reveals the psychology of narcissists and the depths of a narcissistic mother’s story.

(0:10:31) – Escape From Abusive Family Situation

At five, Jesse Gibbs became the “mini mom” of her family, escaping with her grandmother’s help and attending a private Christian school before her mother joined a violent pro-life group.

(0:22:42) – Journey to Freedom and Overcoming Challenges

Jesse Gibbs shares her experience of growing up in a purity culture, homeschooling, eleven pregnancies, and her stepfather’s treatment.

(0:35:32) – Journey of Healing and Self-Discovery

Jesse left home, found freedom in a commune, married an unhealthy partner, and found solace in a supportive friend and a new relationship.

(0:43:55) – Healing, Relationships, and Personal Growth

Jesse Gibbs shares her story of finding love, openness about past failings, importance of therapy and connecting with safe people, and power of healing and grief.

(0:56:17) – Motorcycles and Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse

Jesse Gibbs shares her journey of personal growth, discussing her relationship with her mother, the empowering experience of dangerous activities, and the unique challenges of a purity culture.

(1:04:36) – Thank and Promote the Podcast

Jesse Gibbs shares her journey of finding love, meaningful conversations with her partner, and her relationship with her father.

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To learn more about Jesse Gibbs, please visit:

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