Tonight we are joined by Manuj Aggarwal from Vancouver, Canada to discuss his upbringing and life path. Born in India near the Himalayas, he recounts the social fabric of Indian culture and how it brings people together in a community. We discuss the differences in Indian culture socially with United States social norms. Manuj discusses the cutthroat, competitive world in India, describing it as a jungle-like atmosphere. Coming from a broken home, he recounts his childhood as a survival process. He lived in an isolationist paradigm and became quite introverted.

Manuj shares his earliest childhood memory of being at his Father’s factory at the age of 6-7 and how it was a traumatic experience being around such heavy machinery and loud noises. In India, it is common for young people to work in various roles. As he grew, he wanted to be freed from the dark world of the factory world. Working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week as a young person taught him to understand how business works and how to manufacture things on a large scale.

At the age of 8, meditation opened up a sense of self-awareness and a deeper understanding of the patterns in the mind and how to change them for Manuj. He discovered his love of computers and technology which led him to a lifelong passion to serve others.

We learn how he learned from his parents and the regret not communicating more with his mother before she passed away. His father still lives in India and works around the clock at the age of 80. Conversely, Manuj believes in the balance of work and enjoying freedom from work during retirement years.

Manuj shares his perspectives on meditation and how it engages self-awareness, personal responsibility for what is happening in your life, and realizing the power you have to make the changes in your life that you desire.

As he continued to explore working with computers and technology, Manuj found a calling in the sphere of Artificial Intelligence. Around 2007, Manuj began working with AI and discovered a plethora of parallels between AI and the human mind. We discuss how the definitions of work, collaboration, and other concepts will change due to AI. AI and data are the powerful tools that big companies are leveraging to generate wealth and influence long-term change in society.

Manuj believes AI will strengthen human relationships through enhanced communication. The best way to build relationships is to be a good communicator. AI makes this possible. This could make a positive change in online dating, social interactions, and other avenues for people to come together.

As a problem solver, Manuj utilizes neuroscience and technology to help others achieve goals. He helps people find solutions within, based on the individual. At the core of Manuj’s talents is the ability to identify the how and who related to the solutions he creates to achieve results.

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