I am so grateful for the opportunity to share with all the wonderful people who have been interviewed on The ToddCast Show. This show has been revealing and inspirational in ways I never would have imagined.

We began this journey together on June 9th, 2022, and over the weeks and months to follow have heard from all sorts of unique people all around the planet.
You can create the results you want in your own life. How you do it is up to you, but if you are seeking ideas and learning from others, this show provides real examples of how others did it and overcame everything from depression to cancer, and advanced from drug addiction and poverty to a respectable and wealthy status in life.

We can and should learn from one another. We never know when someone might have the answer we’re seeking or an idea that triggers something within us that makes a positive difference. It is my hope that you are gaining value from the real-life experiences of others to improve your financial situation, your life, your health, and your relationships.

In this episode, we will review the past 39 episodes and discuss key takeaways from individual episodes and an overall consensus between all the guests collectively. So let’s sit back and enjoy this special episode and share the important life lessons learned.

What do all these people share in common?
Faith, Hope, Strong Values, Purpose, Passion, Integrity, Love, Perseverance, Happiness, Truth, Healthy Relationships, Avoiding Negativity, and Focus.

How can you use these life lessons to better your life?
We can make positive changes at any point in life, it’s a choice and not always easy. In my life, many lessons come from within and are directly related to relationships with others. Sometimes these are not the best situation and it seems that the harsher the experience, the bigger the lesson learned. But sometimes it’s just a small seemingly random thing too that teaches us the lessons we need in life. The important thing to remember is we are never too old to learn, never too smart to be wrong, and never too wise to be humble.

I think it’s natural as we age to believe we have all the answers, but we don’t. It’s the age-old lesson of knowing what you know, knowing what you don’t know, and learning what you don’t know you don’t know…sometimes we simply don’t know we aren’t aware of something.

We must fight the ego and mind to maintain a spiritual balance and focus in life. To achieve a sense of purpose in an often cluttered and chaotic world, we must go within ourselves and connect with our truth, our spirit, and the love we have to share with others.

A wise man once told me over and over that “baby steps” will get you to your goals. It’s true. While there are many shortcuts in life, the truly meaningful and valuable things in life tend to take time and – one step at a time – develop and evolve over time. Time, patience, perseverance, and a sense of purpose make us take that first step, then the next, and so on…

Live in true integrity – meaning, always do what you say you will do and when you say you will do it, and the moment you realize you cannot do it, let the other person know. Tell the truth, always.
Always Believe In Yourself – But Learn To Know When You Are Wrong & Own It.
Never underestimate your potential. You have the potential for greatness.
Never be self-seeking in business. Always maintain the attitude of being in service to others.
Never undervalue yourself as a person. You have value just as God created you.
Never compare yourself to others. They are not living your life, you are.
Never choose hate over love. The energy of hate can hurt our minds and destroy our health.
And never say never…because amazing things do happen, seeming miracles.

Remember, one step first, then the next, and so on. Take it one day at a time, while keeping your eye on the long-range picture and timeline of your actions and achievements…even your setbacks. Believe it or not, a setback can be part of the bigger plan and might actually help you.

Get out there and be the best you possible.
Learn to love yourself and others even more.
Make a new friend, say hello to a stranger.
Give of yourself in an altruistic manner.
Create goals that help and serve others.
Stay true to your course and be patient.

We, humans, can do anything we set our minds to, and I encourage you to pursue what sets your heart on fire. They say that the thing you can do the longest without getting tired is your gift. Find that thing and do it in a way that helps others, it will reward you and provide fulfillment and inspiration to further fuel the pursuit of your goals.

I want to thank each and every one of my guests for sharing and thank you for listening to The ToddCast Show. As we continue to grow and share together, I want you to know that I believe in you and hope you do too! If you have a story you would like to share, please reach out to me on my website toddcastshow.com and I will respond to you asap.

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