A Conversation on Healing, Growth, and Empowerment

Ever felt the electrifying pulse of New York City or pondered the quiet revelations that a vegetarian lifestyle can unveil? Join us as Rachel Astarte, a life coach turned licensed therapist, shares a tapestry of insights from the heartbeat of the Big Apple to the gentle murmurings of personal transformation. Rachel paints a vivid image of the city’s paradoxical blend of solitude and community, and together, we peer into our own metamorphoses, sparked by urban tales and dietary awakenings.

Brace yourself for a journey through the nourishing power of nature, arts, and holistic therapies with a soul that has embraced the full spectrum of empathy and introspection. Rachel’s childhood, imbued with rural charm and artistic inclinations, paves the way for our exploration of life’s purpose. The conversation gracefully shifts to the therapeutic realm where she empowers others to unlock their childhood traumas, as we then navigate the intricacies of our inner warning systems, urging us toward alignment and healing.

As we approach the season of reflection and resolution, Rachel and I delve into the potential of psychedelics in therapy and the broader arsenal of tools for fostering positive change. We highlight the importance of self-awareness and the strength each of us carries into the new year, inviting listeners to embrace the transformative opportunities that lie ahead. This episode isn’t just a chat; it’s a beacon for those ready to illuminate their paths with wisdom and heartfelt stories, courtesy of our esteemed guest, Rachel Astarte.

Healing, Growth, and Empowerment

(0:00:01) – Life in New York City

Rachel shares her experiences as an artist and introvert in NYC, discussing the city’s energy, unity, eccentricity, and communal efforts during COVID-19.

(0:09:15) – Vegetarianism and Childhood Memories

Personal journeys with vegetarianism, pivotal moments, challenges and benefits, mutual respect for animals, and dietary choices.

(0:19:01) – Purpose Through Nature and the Arts

Guest’s rural upbringing, transition to college town, purpose in life, empathy for humanity, and podcast creation.

(0:27:55) – Empowering Others and Spreading Wisdom

Life coach to therapist, healing childhood trauma, shamanic practices, empowering women in midlife, impact of losing self-connection.

(0:41:41) – Finding Alignment and Overcoming Judgement

Nature’s guidance, higher power, and physiological roots of negative thoughts and emotions in our inherent design to thrive.

(0:51:55) – Psychedelics and Therapy

Personal transformation through psychedelics, processing insights, and the healing power within us.

(1:05:57) – Utilizing Tools for Positive Change

Navigating the holiday season, making positive changes in the new year, and gratitude for guest Rachel Estarte’s insights on healing, growth, and empowerment.

To learn more about Rachael Astarte, please visit: https://rachelastartetherapy.com/

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