Scherrie Prince – Small Town Roots to Estate Planning Truths

The heart of Mississippi opened up to us as Scherrie Prince recounted tales from the intimate corridors of her upbringing and the profound experiences that shaped her journey. Our conversation meandered through the small town of Durand, painting a picture of family bonds tightened in the wake of tragedy, the innocence of childhood marked by both joy and misadventure, and the lasting impressions left by sibling dynamics. As Cherie shared her story of receiving a long-desired white canopy bed and the subsequent family house fire, it was a stark reminder of how the threads of family and memory are intricately woven into the fabric of who we become.

Within the sanctity of the church and the warmth of familial ties, we discovered how one’s life purpose is often carved out. Cherie’s voice carried the resonant echoes of lessons learned from loved ones, and in a touching, imagined conversation with her late mother, the depth of gratitude for sacrifices made resonated deeply. Grandparents, with their unique blend of wisdom and love, emerged as unsung heroes in the narrative of our lives. We even took a detour into the unexpected, recounting Cherie’s surprising twist on a game show, revealing how such moments leave an indelible mark on our personal history.

Navigating the more pragmatic waters of inheritance disputes and the importance of asset protection, the dialogue shifted to underscore the pitfalls of inaction in estate planning. My legal background offered a backdrop to the tales of familial discord, emphasizing the necessity of clear communication to preserve both assets and relationships. As Cherie advised on her “Play Big Faster” philosophy, it became clear that proactively securing one’s legacy is not merely a legal matter but a crucial step in honoring our stories and the people who are part of them.

Scherrie Prince – Small Town Roots to Estate Planning Truths

(0:00:02) – Family, Childhood Memories and Relationships

Cherie shares her Mississippi upbringing, family dynamics, and childhood memories, including a dramatic event involving her brother.

(0:15:09) – Lessons, Family, Purpose

Embracing life’s journey, family and church influence, gratitude for mother’s sacrifices, impact of grandparents, childhood memories, and participating in a game show.

(0:29:44) – Inheritance Disputes and Family Conflict

Family conflicts over inheritance, legal challenges among minority farmers, and personal struggles after a relative’s death.

(0:39:16) – Business Asset Protection and Estate Planning

Business acumen and legal expertise intersect in asset protection and estate planning for entrepreneurs and individuals.

(0:50:38) – Inaction’s Cost in Estate Planning

COI in estate planning: importance of being proactive, role of legal counsel, emotional toll and potential for deception within families.

(1:00:37) – Play Big Faster

Entrepreneurship requires balance and action, as discussed by Cherie on the Play Big Faster podcast.

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