Join us for a heartwarming and inspiring conversation with the Amy Scruggs Story, who’s had a diverse career spanning 20 years and currently coaches professionals on public speaking, messaging, and branding. Listen in as she reminisces about her early life, from the memory of her parents putting a swimming pool in their backyard when she was four, to her journey into music and theater. Amy shares how she balanced her music career while raising a family, and how her experiences shaped her into the person she is today.

Amy’s incredible journey with music began at a young age. Despite the challenges she faced, including the collapse of the mortgage industry in 2008, she managed to reinvent herself and make her dreams a reality. She shares her amazing story of meeting Clint Black and starting her own tour, which eventually led her to become an Amvets spokesperson for the state of California. Amy also gives a behind-the-scenes look into the struggles she faced while on the road and the difficulties of trying to make ends meet.

Finally, we discuss how Amy uses her communication superpower to help others. From helping women present their keynote speaking topics to assisting businesses with communications to improve their management levels, Amy shares her emotional responses to her clients’ successes. Tune in to learn how she helps nonprofits identify who they are and who they are serving, and how she advises entrepreneurs on standing out in a saturated digital world. You won’t want to miss Amy’s insights on effective communication, overcoming limitations, and creating meaningful connections.

(0:00:02) – Amy Scruggs

Amy Scruggs has a diverse 20-year career, coaches professionals, released music, and remembers her parents’ backyard pool from when she was four.

(0:10:52) – Exploring Childhood Experiences and Personal Growth

Amy’s sheltered upbringing, motherhood at 18, real estate career, music industry, and unique personality are explored.

(0:18:02) – High School Experiences and Life Transitions

Amy’s private school experience, transition to public school, access to resources, and journey into music and theater are discussed.

(0:22:59) – Pursuing a Music Career Through Challenges

Amy Scruggs began playing piano at 3, singing at 5, and re-invented herself to pursue music, with her son Ryan as lead guitar player. She also worked in the mortgage industry.

(0:28:56) – Meeting Clint Black, Pursuing Country Music

Clint Black graciously offered Amy an opportunity to start her own tour, becoming an Amvets spokesperson and sharing her story of resilience.

(0:41:41) – Helping Individuals Communicate Effectively

Amy Scruggs helps individuals and businesses with communication, keynote speaking, interior management, emotional responses, and digital presence.

(0:48:36) – Effective Communication and Overcoming Limitations

Amy Scruggs helps women communicate effectively, using body language, facial expressions, and tone.

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