Join us for a riveting discussion with Cathy Perez from Phoenix, Arizona. Cathy and I discuss decluttering for mental wellness, and engage in a humorous yet thoughtful conversation about the blazing heat in the Southwest US, the stark differences between dry heat and mountain heat, and the significance of staying hydrated. Adding an exciting twist to the conversation, Todd recounts a captivating tale about the unexpected sounds of gunshots and exploding fireworks around the fourth of July in his new neighborhood.

In a reflective segment of our talk, Cathy shares some personal anecdotes about her upbringing, touching on her earliest memories, the dynamics of growing up with two families, and the invaluable blessings of having her mom for 33 years. The conversation takes an enlightening turn as we examine the traditional Mexican family upbringing, the struggle with anxiety, and the evolving expectations parents have for their children.

On the topic of organization, Cathy and I discuss how Feng Shui and decluttering can improve mental clarity, productivity, and overall well-being. We analyze the psychological impacts of a cluttered environment, highlighting how simple organizational changes can result in significant improvements in focus and performance. Rounding off the conversation, we explore the connection between energy, well-being, and organization, touching on the potentially harmful effects of OCD. Don’t miss out on this fascinating discussion filled with personal anecdotes, enlightening insights, and useful tips for a more organized and balanced life.

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