Have you ever wondered how life’s most painful experiences can shape and strengthen you into the person you’re meant to be? Journey with us as we welcome our remarkable guest, Ann Hince, who unveils her compelling personal story of adoption, alcoholism, abandonment, and loss. Ann’s story starts as a six-week-old baby adopted into an alcoholic family and spans continents, from England to Barbados, painting a vivid picture of her struggles and survival.

Ann bravely shares her traumatic experiences, including a terrifying house fire, a strained relationship with her adoptive brother, and her mother’s shocking death. Her story takes a twist when her birth mother reappears during her teens, adding another layer to her complex emotional tapestry. We also delve into the darker aspects of Anne’s coming of age, such as her fear of venturing out and the unimaginable grief of losing her brother to alcohol-induced organ failure.

This episode climaxes with Ann’s exploration of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping – a healing tool that helped her release long-held trauma and stress. Discover how Ann transformed her life through tapping, shedding light on her emotional landscape, releasing trapped energy, and ultimately finding inner peace. This conversation with Ann Hince is a testament to human resilience and the power of emotional healing, offering hope to anyone weathering life’s storms. Join us for a conversation that promises to stir your heart, challenge your perspectives, and inspire your spirit.

(0:00:04) – Adopted, Travels, and Childhood Trauma

Ann shares her story of adoption, the culture of drinking in England, and her struggles with alcoholic parents.

(0:07:25) – Childhood Memories and Life Traumas

Ann shares her traumatic childhood experience of a house fire, growing up in multiple countries, and her mother’s death.

(0:13:52) – Healing From Trauma and Family Abandonment

Ann recounts her fear of leaving the house, difficult relationship with her brother, and his eventual death from alcohol abuse.

(0:28:37) – The Power and Process of Tapping

Ann shares how EFT tapping helps release energy, open the subconscious, and become aware of emotions.

(0:43:12) – Embracing Emotions and Releasing Energy

Ann shares how EFT tapping can help release stuck energy, become aware of emotions, and attract peace.

(0:53:46) – Releasing Tension and Raising Awareness

Ann shares her experience with EFT tapping to release tension, grow taller, and increase awareness.

(1:08:56) – Exploring Emotional Freedom Technique

Ann Hince shares EFT tapping to help transition at end of life, emphasizing awareness, acceptance, and release.

(1:15:08) – Transformative Health and Spirituality

EFT helps release tension, transition to healthier state, and find support through mentors and community.

To learn more about Ann Hince, please visit: https://annhince.com or visit her YouTube channel to learn EFT Tapping technique right now: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTc4hb7ZKvih1LlRHK0cUjg

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