Feast your ears on this fascinating conversation with Annie Delre, a true testimony to adaptability, resilience, and personal growth. An East Coast native who found her home in sunny California, Annie takes us on an enlightening journey from the bustling streets of downtown San Diego to the relaxed aura of Escondido. A true food connoisseur, she also reveals her top choice for the best Italian restaurant in town.

Annie’s childhood wasn’t all sunsets and beaches, though. She regales us with tales of strange creatures, like the tusked havelina or the giant snake, that frequented her home. As one of six siblings in a strict Catholic home, she offers an intriguing glimpse into her family dynamics and the challenges that came with it. From rigorous rules to rebellious peers, her childhood shaped her perspective in unique ways.

But this session with Annie isn’t all reminiscing and storytelling. She shares profound insights into personal growth, wellness, and accountability. From her struggles with mental and physical health, she found her path to self-awareness and improvement. Whether it’s managing stress, facing past mistakes, or discovering the power of accountability in personal growth, Annie’s journey is a beacon of inspiration for all. Join us for this earnest discussion that’s sure to leave you enlightened and motivated.

(0:00:02) – Exploring Life in California

Annie Delre shares her experience living in San Diego, setting boundaries, and her journey from Jersey to California.

(0:15:09) – Strange Creatures and Creepy Encounters

Annie recounts her childhood encounters with strange creatures, her experience growing up with six siblings, and nature’s role in her life.

(0:20:05) – Childhood Memories and Family Dynamics

Annie Delre discusses her strict Catholic upbringing, 36-year marriage of her parents, rigid rules, and the perception of Catholic girls.

(0:27:11) – Reflection on Past Actions and Relationships

Annie’s childhood is explored, highlighting power, competition, compassion, love, maturity, and self-reflection.

(0:38:48) – Growing Up, Family, and Wellness Coaching

Annie Delre shares her experience with physical and mental health, emphasizing the importance of flexibility and how to recognize when to seek help.

(0:53:27) – Importance of Time and Stress Management

Annie and I discuss time and stress management, strange societal norms, and human rights and racial harmony.

(1:01:13) – The Importance of Accountability and Empowerment

Annie and I discuss accountability, controlling what we can and can’t, and the benefits of having a coach.

(1:06:10) – Baggage, Coaching, and Personal Growth

Annie and I discuss taking ownership of our lives, spiritual healing, and following through with decisions for success.

To learn more about Annie Delre, please visit: https://www.anniedelre.com/

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