Have you ever wondered what it’s like to wear many hats while fostering meaningful relationships with kids? Meet Debbie Ausburn, a Georgia Peach, who’s been a social worker, lawyer, foster parent, and step-parent. With a blend of Southern charm and city savvy, she’s mastered the art of nurturing children and has fascinating tales to share from her journey in the South.

Our candid chat with Debbie spans from her redneck-city upbringing to her experience raising children, including seven kids and 10 grandkids. We navigate through her dynamic family history, discussing the impact of her parents’ roles, her father’s influence and alcoholism’s effects. We also explore her faith, including her belief in past lives, making for an enlightening conversation. This episode will make you chuckle as Debbie shares her memories as the ‘scary lawyer grandma’ and recounts her misadventures from childhood.

As we immerse ourselves in Debbie’s life, we delve deeper into the societal influences on family dynamics and identity. We discuss the implications of social media on identity formation and the urgent need to build lives based on substantial values. If you’ve ever been curious about the world of foster and step-parenting, Debbie’s insights prove invaluable. Plus, she invites you to explore her book and blog that chronicle her experiences and offer support for fellow foster and step-parents. Tune in for an intriguing, heartfelt conversation with Debbie Ausburn.

(0:00:02) – Exploring Life and Connections

Debbie Ausburn and I discussed her Georgia upbringing, her redneck-city duality, and her parents’ presence at her birth.

(0:09:38) – Working With Kids and Fostering Relationships

Debbie shares her experiences raising children, her work as a social worker, lawyer, foster parent, and step-parent, and the power of going after things that inspire us.

(0:24:19) – Exploring Childhood and Parenting Experiences

Debbie reflects on her dad’s influence, alcoholism’s impact, past lives, faith, and a hypnotist’s description of a previous life.

(0:31:30) – Introverts and Extroverts Discuss Finding People

The Ausburn family dynamic shaped Debbie’s views on communication, team work, introversion, and her granddaughter’s perception of her.

(0:44:51) – Influence of Family and Society Today

Debbie and I discussed family influence, relationships, Southern charm, society’s values, and social media’s effect on identity.

(0:56:24) – Supporting Foster and Step Parents

Debbie Ausburn offers services, a book, blogs, and mentoring programs for single men to help single mothers.

To learn more about Debbie Ausburn, please visit: https://www.debbieausburn.com/

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