Join Todd Murat and special guest Mo Cooper from Houston, Texas as we journey through a nostalgia-filled episode covering everything from childhood experiences to personal growth. From youthful trips to NASA and run-ins with creepy-crawlies to hilarious weed stories and adventures in Amsterdam, we share it all in this heartwarming and insightful episode.

We also dive into the importance of self-acceptance, growing up in diverse communities, and the impact of our parents’ health on our own lives. With laughter and sincerity, we discuss our adventures, misadventures, and the lessons learned from them all. Mo and I wrap up by emphasizing the significance of self-care and self-love in leading a healthy life – both physically and mentally.

Throughout this conversation, you’ll discover the power of prioritizing your own health and well-being and the courage it takes to truly look at ourselves in the mirror and love who we are. Tune in to this unforgettable episode where we explore life, love, and growth with Mo Cooper, and find inspiration in our shared experiences.


(0:00:03) – Childhood Memories and Fears

We share experiences with spiders and natural disasters, discussing our fears and funny stories.

(0:08:57) – Family, Memories, and Self-Acceptance

My family’s struggles with cancer, my Mom’s strength, my siblings’ support, my mother-in-law’s health, and my Catholic high school experience are discussed.

(0:16:10) – Growing Up in a Diverse Community

We reflect on Africville Monument, my 88% Scots-Irish heritage, and humorous tales of diversity and acceptance in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

(0:24:49) – Amsterdam Adventures and Weed Memories

We share stories of marijuana use, reminisce about using an apple as a pipe, and explore perceptions of intelligence, wit, and humour.

(0:30:24) – Life, Travel, and Personal Growth

We discussed gay bars, trans bars, marijuana use, dressing up, and recognizing lady boys.

(0:43:45) – Starting Health Coaching Business With Self-Care

Women prioritize their own health, loving themselves first, and celebrating being themselves, with therapy to reinforce this message.

(0:56:48) – Love Yourself for a Healthy Life

Loving ourselves, physical and mental health, investing in our future, tapping into unique gifts and talents, and having courage to look in the mirror.

(1:09:44) – Life, Love, and Location

Mo and I discuss transitioning, loving oneself, health, and energy efficiency.

(1:23:34) – Surviving and Embracing Gun Lifestyle

Mo and I discuss transitioning, untraceability, marijuana business, dating someone younger, and the power of storytelling.

(1:31:16) – Farewell and Gratitude

Mo and I discussed self-care, loving ourselves, embracing who we are, and fear of transitioning.

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