We are joined by Constantin Morun from Halifax, Canada to discuss his life story and the spiritual path he has led.


(0:00:02) – Exploring Childhood Memories in Communist Romania (7 Minutes)

Constantin and I chat about his childhood growing up in Romania during a time of communism and scarcity. We discuss how people had to act a certain way and the importance of hiding during the revolution. He remembers his family’s small size and his parents living in Ontario, Canada. He recalls how simple life was before the internet and how he was not allowed to do certain things or challenge the status quo. It’s a fascinating discussion that helps us to understand more about the human condition.

(0:06:54) – Childhood Imprinting and Fear (9 Minutes)

Constantin and I explore the fear and lack of belief in himself that he experienced growing up in Romania during a period of communism. We discuss how his parents and grandparents were raising him with the mentality of safety, which meant he was never allowed to take risks or do things on his own. We examine the stories he heard of children disappearing and the punishments that could occur if someone broke the norms of the time.

(0:15:31) – Lessons From Grandparents and Childhood (9 Minutes)

Constantin and I reflect on the incredible life experiences of his grandparents. We explore the difficult times they faced, including the Great Depression and World War II, and how it impacted their lives and the lives of their children. We discuss the importance of appreciation and gratitude for the things, people, and experiences in our lives that we often take for granted. We also reflect on the communication style of Konstantin’s family and how it affected his view of communication in his relationships. Finally, we reflect on the love and kindness of both Konstantin’s late and living grandparents.

(0:24:06) – Immigrating and Finding Career in Canada (6 Minutes)

Constantin and I discuss the difficult decision his parents made to leave Romania in search of a better future for their children. We talk about his experience coming to Canada at 17 years old, not speaking much English, and adapting quickly to the cultural differences. We reflect on Konstantin’s struggle to find his path in life, which included a job in computer science, playing poker professionally and becoming a poker coach.

(0:30:31) – The Future of AI for Creatives (12 Minutes)

We explore the world of web development and artificial intelligence. We recall our experiences with Dreamweaver and Cold Fusion and marvel at how far technology has progressed. We consider the possibilities that artificial intelligence can offer and the need for people to recognize that AI is an extension of themselves. We also contemplate the potential for AI to be used for writing and content creation, as well as the potential for it to be abused. Finally, we contemplate the potential of AI to connect people in unprecedented ways.

(0:42:17) – Unleash Thyself (6 Minutes)

Constantin and I discuss the concept of self discovery and growth mindset. We explore how mistakes are not something to be feared, but rather an opportunity for growth. We look at the idea of looking within for answers, rather than looking to others, and the power of asking questions. We also talk about Konstantin’s podcast, Unleash Thyself, and the double meaning behind its name. Finally, Konstantin reflects on the greatest obstacle he has ever broken through in his life – realizing that he holds the answers to the questions he seeks.

(0:48:01) – Lessons in Pursuing Your Passion (9 Minutes)

We discuss the power of setting intentions over expectations. We emphasize how our brains can sometimes lead us to be disappointed. We reflect on the journey of Konstantin’s podcast, and emphasize the importance of never giving up on yourself and your dreams no matter what. We also discuss the magic that happens in human connections, and how one must be open to the idea of being altruistic. Finally, we explore the idea of rational logic, and how it is important to assess how realistic our goals are.

(0:56:54) – The Power of Love (7 Minutes)

Finally, Constantin and I reflect on the importance of responding to any circumstance in our lives with love. We discuss the different levels of love, from the absolute unconditional love of the Gurus to transactional love, and compare it to the idea of baby love which is an increasingly accepted concept in society. We also consider the concept of karma and how our actions can lead to a cycle of positive outcomes.

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To learn more about Constantin Morun and check out his podcast Unleash Thyself -Please visit https://unleashthyself.com/

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