Marc Paisant joins us from Alpharetta, Georgia. Born in New Orleans, Marc shares his story of growing up and how he became the success story he is today. Marc grew up with a twin brother and sister with their mother and father. He shares stories from his early childhood in New Orleans. He recalls time spent with his grandparents during the summers and what it was like to move at age 4. The house they grew up in is the same one Old Dirty Bastard’s (the music star) widow lives in today. Looking back on his childhood, Marc recalls not being influenced by drugs, crime, or other things that some kids were doing. He grew up with excellent role models who taught him to be responsible, honest, and kind. His father is still alive and they talk often. He realized how much of an influence his father had on him when he raised his children.

Ironically as a twin, Marc finds he has more in common with his sister than his fraternal twin brother. He shares a story of growing up with ADHD in a black household, which doubted anything was wrong with him. He feels that by missing the treatment of medication, he lost an opportunity to overcome the challenges of living with ADHD. We discuss the struggles of being a student with ADHD and how Marc overcame his challenges. Growing up with a twin, his mother fought to keep him in all the same classes as his brother and was always compared to his brother. He wishes that they knew he just learned differently. We talk about why gifted students get bored and do not perform up to their full potential.

Marc recalls how he met his wife and the beauty of their story. His personality won her over. Using humor to mask his true emotions, Marc remembers a time after high school when he felt alone and isolated. Our discussion shifts to the topic of love and the importance of self-love before having the ability to love another person. He ended up eating and drinking too much and became severely overweight. Working in a toxic environment, he shares how he had an epiphany one night while driving home. He considered committing suicide and was just seconds away from doing it, but felt responsible for the vehicle he was driving that did not belong to him. His care for another person’s property was more important to him than the desire to end his life.

Through counseling, Marc found a struggle to find the right therapist for his needs. Once he found the right therapist, he received the help he needed. He learned that there was nothing wrong with him and that he wanted to help him. we talk about the importance of finding the right therapist that aligns with you. Sometimes you need to ask for another person if the one you are with is not fitting for you. Therapy can be an awesome, liberating experience and we discuss the benefit of working with a good therapist. He shares the importance of being yourself and not working to please other people.

Marc Hosts a podcast called Relatively Normal, which is about mental health issues and how to overcome them. He encourages people to communicate openly about their feelings and to learn to express their feelings openly. It’s important to reach out and let someone know when you need to talk. Men and women express this need differently and it’s important to learn to recognize the signs. Vulnerability is among the most powerful things, a true display of strength. Marc believes we can make talking about our feelings a societal norm. Managing anxiety is a challenge for him, but he diligently works at it and does his best in every situation. Change just one thing today. Find something that makes you happy and do it. Anything. Just do it. For you. This is an act of self-care.

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