Today we are joined by Alan Cox of Christchurch, New Zealand. Born in London, Alan shares his story of early childhood trauma and how he overcame obstacles and evolved into who he is today to create Ever Yellow – the mental health app that works. He grew up with both parents and a younger brother but doesn’t recall much of his childhood years. This time in his life got naturally blocked out from his memory.

Alan shares the story of his father as a double-decker bus driver in London on the famous Route 15 and his memories as a child. He shares his journey of moving to New Zealand, as well as how he met his wife. A true love story, his wife started out as a friendship and became a romantic engagement over time. He describes knowing she was the one and how real it was for him. We learn about his sense of destiny and the things that happened along the way that defined their relationship.

We learn about the birth of Alan’s first child, George who struggled with challenges at birth. His son used to cry more than normal and had other signs of distress that were finally resolved by cranial osteopathy, which was a subtle treatment unlike any other. Once treated, George was sleeping more, crying less, and struggling much less. The treatment worked like a miracle.

Along the way, Alan brought two more little ones into the world while pursuing his career path. Alan found himself working to provide a mental well-being app called Ever Yellow. After discovering the vast ineffectiveness of so-called mental health apps, Alan decided to create something that was indeed effective. Based on science, psychology and knowledge of human conditioning this app seeks to provide a way to overcome grief, trauma, stress and more. Alan became obsessed with this project and was consumed with it completely.

Realizing the struggle people have with mental health, depression, and suicide, this app is intended to help people find peace and escape the mental and emotional things that often slow us down in life.

We wrap up by discussing the theoretical reasons behind music and frequency being effective in human conditioning. Todd shares his theory about how frequency works and the response of the human body. Todd shares the story of the water experiments and the rice experiment in the context of how the human body operates based on frequency.

The Ever Yellow App is truly remarkable in what it delivers and the possibilities for users. If you are seeking to improve your life, rise above a challenge, reach higher, and escape depression, the Ever Yellow App is completely customized around each individual’s needs. Alan remarks that our mental conditioning determines our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and more – much like an operating system. The App helps to deconstruct bad input from the past (memories, thoughts, stories, feelings) and replace it with healthy information.

If you want to change something in your life for the better, check this app out!!

To learn more about Alan Cox and get the Free Ever Yellow App:

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