Peter Benedicto joins us from Henderson, Nevada to talk about his life and what it’s like living in Las Vegas, Nevada. Born in Birmingham, England, Peter shares his story of growing up in an abusive home with his alcoholic father and biological mother who he has little memory of. After his mother died at the age of 7, Peter went into foster care at the age of 12 which was the first time in his life he really experienced unconditional love from his elders.

He discusses living in an abusive situation with his father and brother who has cerebral palsy. His father used to physically abuse both siblings and Peter remembers trying to protect his helpless brother from their father. He remembers blaming himself for the trauma he experienced and used to play soccer to release his stress. It wasn’t until his good friend Mark from the UK noticed bruises on Peter and invited him to his home for dinner. That night, the family stepped in and provided a safe and healthy home for Peter to escape his abusive home life. This was the beginning of his new life and realization of his value to others as a human being. After 3 months, Mark’s parents contacted social services to help Peter find a foster home and foster parents. This was the turning point in his life.

Peter recalls the love and support he received from his foster parents and how they supported him as their own child. This helped him evolve from his introverted nature to a more extroverted and balanced individual. He remembers going on vacations with his foster family and the wonderful memories created together. During his teen years, he played soccer and enjoyed pop music, including Robbie Williams in the UK.

Before he met his wife, Peter shares the story of how he came to the United States. He recalls meeting his wife on a Philippino dating website. Ironically, Peter didn’t want to move to Las Vegas and his wife (then girlfriend) didn’t want to move to the UK. They started out as friends and enjoyed getting acquainted, which quickly progressed to a more serious relationship. He knew she was the one.

We talk about Peter’s career in real estate and how he helps people relocate to the Las Vegas area. He enjoys assisting others in learning the ins and outs of living in the Las Vegas area. Todd discovered Peter on YouTube by watching his channel Living in Las Vegas Info. He helped Todd find and acquire a beautiful home in Henderson, Nevada where he now resides.

Finally, for those who have suffered abuse as a child, Peter is available to talk about the process of escaping the abuse, as well as reprogramming the trauma with a healthy emotional and psychological paradigm. Peter is living proof of overcoming challenges that could have held him back. Because of the love he received from his foster parents and eventually his wife and now 5 children, Peter became a completely different person. He is eager to pay it forward with the support and kindness he has received. He believes anything is possible when you set your mind to it and offers a level of service that seems rare in today’s world.

If you are considering the Las Vegas area in your future, Peter will help you in ways others in the industry simply don’t. He is a class act and produces results based on each individual’s specifications. Most of all, he is a man of integrity and a heart for others which is rare indeed.

To contact Peter Benedicto, please email: or on YouTube @Livinginvegasnv

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