Keith Steincamp joins us today from Stigler, Oklahoma to share the story of how he discovered faith in business as a rule to live by in life. Born in Midwest City, Oklahoma Keith reflects on having lived close to his birthplace for his entire life. He talks about the passing of his late father, just before going to college. Todd shares a story about his late father and how he passed unexpectedly as well. Todd shares a song by Mike and The Mechanics called The Living Years, which tells the tale of regret associated with loved ones who pass on.

Keith’s earliest childhood memory revolves around Christmas time and a pair of cowboy boots and a lantern that made him feel like a big shot for a 4-year-old. One day he went out for a walk alone in the dark with his boots and lantern, much further than he ever ventured before. Todd shares that when he got boots as a child, he kicked people in the shins a couple of times and soon his boots were no more. Keith interprets his childhood as interior and exterior.

He felt good about things throughout life – externally. Internally, he describes things going downhill. He became less optimistic and depressed, which took its toll on his psyche. He recalls abuse as a child and somehow interpreted the experience as “not being good enough”, even though he was. The disrespect he experienced in this trauma became confidence issues inwardly. The strain on friendships was related to his feelings of inferiority and lack of hope. Keith shed his negative thinking over time by exploring religion. He thought God was a rules person and something he did not need in his life. In high school, he played lead guitar and singer in a rock band and recorded and published his music publicly. His wife was completely supportive of this and helped him fulfill this goal.

As someone into rock and metal music, he received an album (vinyl) from a friend from a Christian Rock band called Resurrection Band. He found the stories in the lyrics interesting since they revolved around real-world experiences. He went to a concert for this band and began to discover his relationship with God. He became a Christian that night, which changed him forever. He felt a sense of morality and humility in the ways he displayed musical expression. He discovered God loved him and has a purpose for his life.

We discuss how we sometimes compare ourselves to others and create the illusion that we are somehow not as good as we could be. We sometimes are hard on ourselves and criticize ourselves, which seems to stem from the bad things that happen, rather than the good ones. We always seem to compare our bad selves, rather than compare the good self. Over time, his thinking changed and he discovered hope in relationships. His confidence got better with practice and time. He forced himself to be open in relational connection with everyone.

Keith recalls running from God in his early days and how he realized later in life how much it could have helped him. He was grateful to have had both parents together for most of his life. He recalls that his parents did not communicate openly, which had an impact on him. His sister was older and wasn’t around as much later in his teen years. He learned from his sister’s relationships and always remembered the one who would play catch with him as a child.

Keith works with business owners to help them take their businesses to the next level. He helps them realize their focus and purpose to increase profitability and value. He helps them to achieve what they want out of their business and in life. With his help, a business owner can make dramatic changes over time.

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