Believe in yourself – Bob LeMent (56), Host of Static Radio, joins us from St. Louis, Missouri. Born in Decatur, Illinois, he recalls growing up in the late 70s and 80s with both parents married. He recounts that all of his relatives are divorced, except for his parents, who stayed together until his father died not too long ago. He has an older brother. Bob’s earliest childhood memory is with his Grandfather on the boat dock on the lake at age 3, fishing from his Grandparent’s property. He remembers using a stick, a string, and a bent pen his Grandfather made for him. He remembers enjoying working in the garden and playing cards and games with his Grandparents. We explore some of his fondest memories of this time in his life.

As a youngster, Bob was sickly and often stayed with his Grandparents by design. He struggled with asthma at this time. He had Chihuahuas growing up, which did not affect his asthma. Todd shares that Chihuahuas come from a crossbreed of a sewer rat and a Doberman Pincher. Bob shares that his Mother still inhabits his childhood home. He reflects that a stable home life helped keep him from harder-edged life experiences. We discuss drug addiction and the issues of choosing this path. His family was always there for him.

Bob reminds Todd he is likely not the reason for all this and that an issue has many components. Depression is a version serious situation that needs to be addressed. Todd misses his family and his inability to compromise and close with them. He would enjoy talking with his estranged family members but realizes they think differently.

Bob reflects on his relationships in high school and when he gets into dating around age 17, the same age he graduated high school. He used to have long, curly hair and was constantly mistaken for a heavy metal musician, but he never practiced an instrument. If he were to, he would sing by choice. Bob didn’t find his direction in life until age 28.

As a 20+-year veteran of broadcasting, Bob is exploring the Podcast world to enjoy communicating with others. He enjoys working alone and is very technically minded. He shares the air currently with his co-host Miles on his radio show of 24 years. Bob currently works at a non-profit helping people and enjoys being in the background, enabling others to do their thing.

Bob reminds us that moderation is key in all things. Knowing your limits and staying within them is vital to stay on track. Todd talks about how he discovered marijuana at age 11 and the positive impact of that experience throughout life. He continues with a story about his first LSD trip on a Halloween night in Southern California in High School. That changed his life in truly amazing ways, changing many things in ways that seemed genuinely magical. He talks about how he became a vegetarian and what acid did to resolve issues in astounding ways.

We discuss Timothy Leary and the potential to broaden thought with LSD. Bob ends with a funny story about being sober and dealing with two girlfriends on LSD. Todd talks about how he used to ride around on his bicycle in the forests of Humboldt county in college on LSD without lights and the adventures of his earlier years along those lines.

The best advice in life Bob shares is to believe in yourself. You don’t have to be the best at anything; you just have to do something you like. What matters is that you enjoy it, not that you become something. Never compare yourself to others. Be there for yourself. No one else will. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for and seek help when you need it.

Bob has no agenda and nothing to promote. Go check him out!

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