Nicky Billou (55) joins us today from Toronto, Ontario, Canada to discuss the journey and sacrifice to achieve unlimited success. As a Christian, Nicky seeks to help and love others through his various gifts. Born in Iran, he recalls being in school as a young child running around…and used to get mad at others and kick them in the shins. He got in trouble a lot as a child. Punishments were severe and direct when he did something wrong. He recalls living in Iran under the Shaw was great until the new regime took over during the Islamic Revolution. He was 11 at the time. His family spent 4 years on their journey to Canada, by way of Athens Greece. His mother worked as an ER nurse and then managed the bookstore where Nicky attended school. Nicky went to an American school in Iran, with a diverse mix of cultures in attendance.

His parents were married for 55 years and always expected a lot from Nicky and his two brothers. This made him pursue success in a bold way throughout his life. We discuss how violence is sometimes the answer in defense of someone or something. Nicky shares how he feels we are living in the “weak man era” and how we need more people to step up before society collapses altogether. We discuss the importance of overcoming fear in life. When he first arrived in Canada, he found it difficult to adjust, which lasted for several years. He missed Iran which made it hard to acclimate to a new Country. He recalls how loyalty was the glue between people in Iran. He didn’t notice these values in Canadian people for quite some time. Eventually, he found his stride and became comfortable living in Canada.

Nicky recounts how his parents worked hard to assimilate and become connected to their new culture. We discuss generational differences in relationships and the effort to destabilize western society and diminish manhood, patriotic viewpoints, and traditional values. We discuss the book of Revelations and Todd admits he would rather it all be a big surprise when Jesus comes to take us home. Nicky was very much into music and reading during his teen years. We discuss the value and beauty of a connection to God and the importance of it in life. Todd shares his love of the author Richard Bach and how the book Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah influenced him in his teen years.

Helping people is Nicky’s passion and he is very good at it. He helps people add zeroes to their income, become physically fit, and enhance life in many ways. He shares how sometimes people in business are good at what they do but do not understand how to run a thriving business. Nicky helps people accomplish this through teaching and coaching. We talk about how sometimes people are afraid to ask for the money they deserve and must focus on the help they provide to others – that warrants the value of their service.

People buy their way out of something, not into something. What we do must address the pain someone is having and provide a solution to it. Discuss how you will help others, not the product or service you have to sell. Don’t undervalue your service offering. Expectancy bias provides for a higher price for higher-value solutions. Narrow your focus and don’t generalize or try to serve everyone. Answer the question “how does what you do help me”?

Nicky can help you become an entrepreneur and create a roadmap to unlimited success by understanding what you need to do to get where you want to be. He will help you find your reason why and what to do to make things grow. He gets real with his clients and helps people find the way to their success. “Seek the truth and the truth shall set you free”. Nicky wraps up with a heartwarming story…

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