Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat, Author, Diabetic Consultant, OBGYN, Surgeon, Healer, and Todd’s long-lost cousin, joins us in a special episode that breaks from the tradition of the show. After 20 years of not communicating, Todd reached out to Dr. Carolle over the holiday season, apologized, and asked for forgiveness to reconnect and share our familial bond. She explains the importance of forgiveness and love in all relationships. She is a deeply spiritual person by nature and recalls the reasons why chose to take Todd’s phone call after 20 years. Dr. Carolle describes the joy she felt hearing from Todd after so long and that she was touched by the courage of reaching out to call her. We shared the thankfulness of making the connection again and how it felt from both sides.

We fight toxic emotions when we seek forgiveness and apology. Todd shares the joy and gift of being accepted again by Dr. Carolle. They recount the connection they share and that it took strength to reconnect again.

Dr. Carolle was born in Port Au Prince, Haiti. Her grandfather was a very well-known healer, voodoo priest, and herbalist. Her grandmother was a very strong, renaissance woman who reinforced the belief that she could do anything in her life that she wanted to. She shares that her gifts come from her family. After battling a terrible illness, she was healed and became determined to practice medicine and heal others.

She attended a prestigious private school in Haiti, was a volleyball star, and even made it to the Olympics but was unable to compete through a strange coincidence. We discuss our ancestry and both being descendants of Napoleon Bonaparte and Joachim Murat.

We discuss the gift of healing and how it works “without the knife”. Dr. Carolle discusses how a person must ask to be healed and believe it is possible. She shares her first hands-on healing experience with a patient and the series of events that occurred. Her healing gifts come from her Grandfather and she is proud and thankful to share this gift with others. She recounts that the Holy Spirit is the focus of asking for the healing process.

Healing is a choice that a recipient can receive or deny, based on belief. She shares that she is simply a conduit of God and the power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Todd shares a story about his late father literally removing a lung tumor through spiritual and mysterious means back in 1970. His father was brought in for surgery and told the doctors “the tumor is gone”, and eventually the doctors agreed to x-ray his chest again and sure enough – the tumor was gone, literally overnight. His father’s story inspires Todd to believe in the power of natural and spiritual healing.

Dr. Carolle’s latest writings address spiritual healing practices and lead the reader to understand how to receive healing in an effective manner. Todd shares that he struggles with his estranged family members for what they did and finally realizes he can forgive without having to forget. For him, this was a tricky distinction to make and took decades to finally realize. He often wonders how a family can destroy itself in the manner he did.

Dr. Carolle wraps up by sharing that she intends to continue her journey through education and ongoing healing for others. Her books are a valuable resource for anyone seeking true healing and to escape the mind-body-spirit loop of negativity that often creates disease. She shares that everyone knows the “why” of disease and just needs to find it to enable healing. Through forgiveness and love, this gift is accessible to all who seek it.

To learn more about Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat, please visit: https://drcarolle.com

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