Dyslexia and Awareness

Creativity, Awareness Educator, and Author Michaell Magrutsche joins us from Laguna Beach, California to discuss his experiences with dyslexia and personal awareness. He reflects on his childhood experiences being dyslexic and how it impacted his life. He differentiates between dyslexia and dysgraphia and how these things change how he interprets written and typed content. He explains that when he writes, it is not legible to him or others. Using typed writing as opposed to handwriting is easier to interpret. Sometimes dyslexic people reverse things and while they intend to say one thing, they might say the inverse instead or a conglomeration of words that mean something different than intended. He shares this condition with his sister.

Hailing from Austria, Michaell struggled with systems in school and describes it as being very “clicky” and was based on association more than personal achievement. He learned to communicate and effectively interact with others while struggling to complete some of the educational requirements. This caused him to repeat certain classes in order to pass the class.

Dyslexia does not impact speech, only writing and reading. He credits having a strong spirit to overcome these challenges and discover his true potential. Michaell shares his thoughts on self-shaming and the feelings associated with dyslexia.

As a young person, Michaell reflects that he wasn’t interested in the same things as other young people. He preferred to speak with adults, doctors, and others outside his age group. Neurodiverse people need alone time to reflect and process. This is heightened with dyslexia and autism.

His parents allowed Michaell to be himself and discover his life path. They were never pushy and were neutral in many situations. We discuss living by a positive set of values. Humans are DNA driven by forces that promote inclusivity and human relationships. We learn from one another and become enriched by this experience. The desire to connect deeply with others is a natural process and the highest factor in longevity is human relationships. For better or worse. To live longer, choose healthy human relationships. This important factor can get lost in the minds of people but can make a significant difference in the quality and longevity of life.

Michaell realized he was an artist, not by the system’s standard, but by his own standards. He argues that systems of society can delude and separate people from nature. Creativity is the best way to unveil who you are. His book “Smart of Art 2” discusses neurodiversity and how these “conditions” are actually a superpower. By seeing outside of systems, we recall we are part of nature and nature has all the answers available for us to discover.

Unaware people make wrong choices without even knowing it. Michaell can help individuals and corporations unlock the power and value of awareness and turn that into success.

If you are interested in learning more about Michaell Magrutsche, please visit: https://michaellm.com

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