In today’s episode, Branch Isole joins us from Hot Springs, Arkansas. 75 years young, he discusses living in rural Arkansas and the protection of human and animal life. Growing up in a military family exposed Branch to frequent international moves, new friends, and opportunities to try something new. He learned to adapt and conquer.

After graduating college, corporate sales and marketing would become his focus for 15 years – which was financially rewarding but draining to his psyche. This led to his desire to do something different – writing stories and sharing life lessons through books he authored over the past 25 years. He reflects upon pursuing one challenge after the next and becoming a better person in the process. He was estranged from his father till his passing and discusses his forgiveness for his father. Branch talks about the lack of love and respect from his father, which led to learning to accept his father’s mistakes. Forgiveness was the pinnacle point for him and the key.

Branch tells how he pursues growth and relationships that allow him to capitalize on the positive and identify his part of the negative. He removes negativity from his life so he can bring more positivity to future relationships. It’s all about balance and growth. We discuss how everyone carries past memories and how people live through false perspectives learned from past experiences. Branch shares ideas on how to deal with mental health issues in family and close relationships.

He was manic-depressive and learned how to manage it to his benefit through writing and self-reflection. He believes that professional mental health help is imperative to resolving issues that are bigger than ourselves. Life is about overcoming struggles as a better person and becoming mentally balanced.

Balance is the stability between mind, body, soul, and spirit.

Growth is the ability to replace old patterned behaviors with new responses.

Branch tells of the importance of avoiding negativity in people. If it cannot be made positive, avoid it altogether. How to recognize a negative person. We talk about journaling to process emotions and how Branch’s writing style helps people identify with the characters in his stories.

We are all spirits, an electrical charge and bundle of energy through God (the Creator). When we are born, we are the mind, body, soul, and spirit. Our soul is our inner consciousness. Each of us has a spiritual connection with God upon birth and we innately know right from wrong. We can identify loving and unloving behavior, which influences us throughout our lives. Branch shares how people settle for abusive relationships, rather than loving, healthy ones.

Our spirit must reconnect with Spirit/God to maintain balance. Through the activation of spirit, we connect deeply with God through Christianity or other Faith. Seeing truth, we automatically spot lies and understand the moral and ethical aspects of truth.

We must choose whether or not we interact with the world morally and ethically. Decisions must include the implications for others, not just you. Love God and love your neighbor as yourself are foundational elements in all systems of Faith. Branch discusses theological similarities between all spirituality and religious systems. Stress, struggle, and conflict are ways of the world.

Branch writes about personal responsibility or its avoidance, the link between choice and consequence, and the power of truth. His books are written with valuable takeaways readers can apply right away to make lasting positive changes in their lives. God is the key to everything, but we must make the voluntary decision to honor Him. This is true in every belief system.

Ordered Scriptures To Invite Jesus Christ Into Your Life

Matthew 7:7-8 | John 14:16,26 | John 16: 13 | Isiah 48: 17 | John 14: 6 | Romans 10: 9,10, 13, 17

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