In today’s episode, we are joined by Brandon Leibowitz from Venice Beach, California. He’s a 38-year-old entrepreneur and founder of SEO Optimizers where he helps others learn and implement effective online marketing strategies. Brandon grew up in San Pedro, California skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding with his brother and parents who recently celebrated their 50-year anniversary together. He credits his success and positive outlook in life to his parents’ influences.

In high school, Brandon started a skateboard clothing company and later a skateboard-bearing company to marry his passion with profit. We discuss living in different areas of California over the years and in 2022 and how he went from a college graduate to a path of career success in 2007. Upon entering the world of online marketing Brandon noticed a need in the industry and quickly pursued it. Today, he leads a successful SEO/SEM company and gets people ranked higher online. His passion for helping others and creating marketing opportunities online keep him motivated to reach higher for himself and his clients.

Todd and Brandon share stories of early social media and discuss why experts are needed in the online marketing arena. We talk about different website-building platforms like WordPress, Weebly, and Wix and how search engines rank them. We talk about old-school perspectives in advertising and Todd’s experience starting a Coupon Tabloid franchise (print ads) back in the early 90s. Brandon reinforces why it’s important in today’s world to be ranked online.

Finally, we learn that a business doesn’t actually need a website to be ranked or optimized for success online. We discuss the difference between paid ads and online optimization of content in both short and long-term marketing strategies. Brandon shares some key differences between search engines and why Google is #1 in the industry. Even though online marketing is king, it is clear there is still a need for a paper phone book – but for how much longer?

Brandon offers a free website analysis to learn what’s working and not working, as well as develop a success plan to rank you higher online. If you want to learn how to beat your competition online, he has the answers you have been looking for. The bottom line – SEO takes time and is worth the investment in the long run.

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