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Unexpected Adventures

Hello! My name is Todd Murat, founder and host of The ToddCast Show. I’m so excited to set out on this journey with all of you.

To get started, I just want to quickly convey who I am and what brought me here today…

I was born and raised as a third (baby) child into a single-parent, middle-class family with my 2 older brothers and two very loving Grandparents. As a child, I went to a private school struggling with ADHD and behavioral issues. My family was, at the time, whole and seemingly healthy. I cherish the many happy memories shared, and over the years almost every member of my family has since passed away.

The remaining three living relatives are my mother and two older brothers. We are estranged, which has also in an indirect way led to the inspiration and motivation to start this podcast and blog. I share this to convey my truth in a way that I hope helps others who struggle with similar or other issues along the roads of life.

Fast forward a decade or so when, for a time, I worked with the 2020 Census Bureau as an Enumerator. This led me down a path of discovering amazing people, stories, and personalities. I quickly found a sense of community that I had never experienced before, even though all of these people were strangers to me. It was truly inspiring.

After I finished my Census work, I felt a sense of loneliness and loss over this wonderful community, and I knew I needed to do something. That’s why I started this podcast and blog.

In each episode, I will call up complete strangers, invite them to converse with me, ask some questions and share a human connection together.

I hope you enjoy this unique and special experience as we call people from all over the USA and abroad – and get to know each other.  The ToddCast Show is down-to-earth, old-school, and heartfelt. It’s all about spontaneous and positive human interactions, and you’re invited to come along for the ride!

So join us and explore the things we often think about, but never talk about and the myriad of real-life human experiences that we all share. Click Here for the latest episode.

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