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The Heart and Mind Behind The ToddCast Show

Meet Todd Murat, a bundle of creativity! He’s the force behind ‘The ToddCast Show’. This show offers gripping tales and motivating moments. Todd is also the music mastermind behind Electric Sex. He delivers heavenly sounds for us all. Need eye-catching designs? Todd’s got you. He designs standout websites and logos. Lost in marketing? Look to Todd. He clears up the confusion. Off stage, Todd’s busy with his latest song or sketch. Todd’s world? It’s smart, fresh, and full of catchy tunes.

Todd’s Early Life

Todd’s life began simply. He was the third child in a single-parent family. He grew up with his mom, two grandparents, and two brothers. Todd’s childhood had its challenges. He struggled with ADHD and went to a private school until his first year of high school.. Yet, his family bond was strong. Their close ties gave him inner strength throughout his childhood and into his 20s.

Life took an even sharper turn when Todd became estranged from his remaining family in his mid 30s — his mother and two older brothers. A series of events so unfathomable until they happened, it shocked him to his core. Life wasn’t always kind to Todd. He lost many family members over time and has struggled with ongoing depression. But through it all, Todd’s spirit remained unbroken. This loss and estrangement fueled him over time. He wanted to inspire others with his story.

A New Chapter with the 2020 Census Bureau

Todd’s journey took a twist with the 2020 Census Bureau. He became an Enumerator. Here, he found a world full of stories and connections. He felt a sense of belonging. But when the Census job ended, Todd felt empty. He missed the community he had found.

Birth of The ToddCast Show

This emptiness led Todd to create ‘The ToddCast Show’. This podcast and blog aim to build real human bonds and learn to be successful from one another. Todd chats with people worldwide in his episodes. Each talk brings out unique human tales. They reveal motivational success secrets and life lessons.

‘The ToddCast Show’ is all about real, authentic connections. It invites everyone to feel the spark when two souls truly connect.

Yet, as the Census experience concluded, a void settled in Todd’s heart – a longing for the community he had found. It was this void that became the driving force behind his decision to start The ToddCast Show – a podcast and blog dedicated to fostering genuine human connections and learning valuable life lessons and motivational quotes for success from real life experience.

Todd excitedly connects with people worldwide, transforming strangers into engaging allies in every episode. Guided by genuine interest and empathy, he engages in profound dialogues to reveal the shared human journey. Most importantly, he discovers invaluable wisdom and gains profound insights from his diverse guests.

Meet Todd Murat, founder and host of The ToddCast ShowJoin The Adventure

Join us on this journey. Let’s talk about things often left unsaid. Let’s celebrate our shared human stories. Dive into the episodes with Todd and guests from around the planet.

Click below for the latest episode. Discover the unspoken tales of life. Enjoy!

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