A New Perspective on Yoga

Listen in as we embark on a journey with our guest, Troy Hadeed, a yoga teacher from Trinidad and Tobago. We explore a new perspective on yoga and life. His experiences from around the world have shaped him into a well-rounded individual with an impressive repertoire. Not only does he bring his infectious island accent and an intriguing blend of influences from reggae music and Rastafarian culture, but he also offers an inspiring story about his personal journey towards success and making the world a better place. From running around a poolside in his childhood to teaching yoga and writing a book, Troy’s story is sure to inspire and uplift.

As the conversation progresses, we tackle a variety of topics, including the role of reggae music and privilege in our lives, the power of thoughts and faith, and the interconnectedness of manifestation and prayer. Drawing from our own experiences and Troy’s, we offer fresh perspectives on these subjects, challenging you to see them in a new light. With engaging stories and thought-provoking insights, this episode is a treasure trove of life lessons.

Troy’s passion for a new perspective on yoga and the journey to self-discovery is also a major highlight. Through his eyes, we explore the deeper meaning of yoga beyond its popular perception as a form of exercise, emphasizing its potential for cultivating a relationship with the mind, breath, and ultimately, with God. We discuss the importance of the mind-body connection and how yoga can help individuals tame their minds and see beyond their individual identities. Tune in to this enlightening discussion and join us as we navigate the realms of yoga, faith, manifestation, and much more with Troy Hadeed.

A New Perspective of Yoga

(0:00:02) – Interview With Yoga Teacher Troy Hadeed

Troy Hadeed’s inspiring journey from Trinidad and Tobago, traveling the world, teaching yoga, and writing a book, all influenced by Bob Marley.

(0:12:19) – Reggae Music, Privilege, and Life Lessons

Upbringing, reggae music, and privilege shape spiritual beliefs and actions; nature of reggae music and Rastafarian culture on perspectives.

(0:25:16) – A New Perspective on Yoga and the Journey to Self-Discovery

Yoga teacher shares personal journey, mind-body connection, and deeper meaning of yoga beyond exercise. We discuss a new perspective on yoga.

(0:39:35) – Exploring Faith, Prayer, and Manifestation

Manifestation and prayer are forms of communication with God, emphasizing responsibility and the presence of God in all living things.

(0:48:42) – The Power of Thoughts and Faith

Manifesting our thoughts and intentions, cultivating a relationship with our minds, and putting God first can create a better world.

(1:01:36) – Yoga, Manifesting, and Finding Connection

Yoga, prayer, and inner peace are discussed in this podcast episode with Troy Hadeed, exploring the mind-body-spirit connection. A new perspective on yoga and life lessons learned along the way.

To learn more about Troy Hadeed, please visit: https://troyhadeed.com/

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