Can you imagine overcoming a lifelong struggle with seizures and fear, solely through the power of breath and mindfulness? In our latest episode, we had an enlightening conversation with Maria Mayes, whose inspiring journey of self-discovery and resilience warmed our hearts. This is a testament to breathwork with Maria Mayes. Maria’s refreshing perspective on life, relationships, and personal obstacles keeps you hooked, as she opens up about her childhood memories, the profound bond with her siblings, and her battle with seizures.

Her transformative journey is a testament to the power of natural methods like breathwork and mindfulness techniques. We delve into Maria’s high school years, the struggle with seizures, and how breathwork liberated her from their clutches. The discussion around longevity, relationships, fear-based thinking, and redefining success resonates deeply. Maria’s insight and practical tools for managing nervous system dysfunction are not just valuable; they’re life-changing.

In an impactful segment, Maria introduces us to the She Breath – a Qigong breathing practice known for enhancing relaxation and energy. But the highlight of the episode comes when Maria talks about the power of mindfulness in aiding those grappling with addiction to find freedom, direction, and better health. By the end of this episode, you’ll gain a newfound appreciation for the power of breath, mindfulness, and the indomitable human spirit. Tune in for an episode that’s bound to touch your hearts and leave you enlightened.

(0:00:03) – Memories of Childhood and Family

Maria remembers her dad calming her with walks, her mom holding and baking in the garden and kitchen, and the effects of seizures and medication on her memory.

(0:06:30) – Siblings, Relationships, and Seizure Experiences

Maria shares her experience of growing up with seizures and how natural methods such as breathwork helped her find freedom, as well as the bond between her and her siblings.

(0:15:49) – Exploring Self-Discovery and Relationships

Maria is a shy, highly sensitive person who kept her condition secret, but now finds it empowering to share her story; she is married with two children.

(0:23:29) – Longevity, Relationships, Fear-Based Thinking, and Success

Maria shares her experience of overcoming fear-based thinking and defining trust, exploring how it manifests in our lives.

(0:39:26) – Redefining Success, Power of Breath

Maria discusses how breathwork practices have changed her definition of success, and how it can rewire the nervous system, increase resiliency, and slow aging.

(0:46:13) – Qigong Breathing Technique

Learn She Breath Qigong to relax, energize, and bring healing with two short inhales and two extended exhales.

(1:00:46) – Freedom and Peace Through Mindfulness

Mindfulness helps those struggling with addiction gain freedom, insight, direction, energy, and better health.

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